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  • eid mubarak !!!! to you brothers.

    i have missed you very much. times have been hard for me these past several months. but insha'allah they'll be better. i have had to do long hours of work and long days looking for a second job. so i haven't been on the net for some time.
    i'm fine Alhamdulillah. i was away for a while because i have pretty much been working nonstop. i still have another 3 days before i am off from work. thank you so much for asking.

    :salam2: brother

    I hope all is well with you...health, wealth, eeman, studies etc..

    Where do you live in NJ? 2-3 weeks ago i was in old bridge and before that boonton.

    Fi amanillah
    jazakallah khayr for your prayers. my mom is feeling a little better ALHAMDULILLAH. but she still needs to stay in the hospital for some time and then she will have to go for rehab next door to my home for 3 months.
    i'm fine alhamdulillah. i'm just worried about my mom's health. she isn't doing very well and i'm afraid of losing her. the doctors are still unsure as to what is actually wrong.

    Hope your doing well brother?

    May Allaah protect you and give you happiness in this life and hereafter.


    Walaykum Salaam.
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