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  • hello RabiALLAH, it's been a few years since i spoke with u here. Insha'Allah , I'll be taking my shahada soon here in midwest, usa.
    :salam2: my lovely sis.
    congratulation on your umrah. My he exhalted forgive any sins in your past and fill your life with joy and happiness. sister please pray for me as this time I'm feeling very down in My life. may allah swt keep us all steadfast in our deen.ameen/.
    AlhamduliAllah I am FINE:) hw abt u sweety??
    I have MISSED you! i have NOT seen ur posts lately:) inshaAllah, I hope everything is GOING great for you, May Allah bless you ABANDANTLY for All that you do for HIM, and may HE bless us all.Ameen,
    so happy to see ur reply ukhti fiAllah:)
    Allah hafiz NOW and Always:)
    Jazakillah khair sister, me and my family are fine alhamdulillah. Have you ever been in Indonesia, ukhti?
    I'm so glad to know you ^_^
    barakallahu fiki
    Assalam-o-alaikum sister:

    I hope you are in the best of health, eeman and wealth...

    Sister send me a pm as soon as possible. I really need you to do that urgent.....

    Take care of yourself and your family

    assalaam alaikum my beloved dear sister, I love you so much and I'm missing you so much, where are you now??
    can't see you online, anyways when you get online, pls do reply me. I really miss you.
    As salamu aleykum my beloved sister, just wanted to let You know how much I missed You. Inshaallah next time we will be together in umra :)
    Asalam 'alaik sis Laila

    How are you these days? Pray to Allah you are well in sha Allah :)

    How are you sister???

    Howz Umrah going on??I thought you would have no access to computer during umrah. Lol.....

    Nevertheless pray for me too
    salaam sis,just checking on you to see weather you are in the best of health and eeman.hope you are doing so.love you for sake of allah my sis.:D
    salaam sis.hope u r kiking in ur life,
    how is everythng going in your life,?..may allah make life easy for you and reward jannah.
    salaam sis.haahaahaa.
    "bake freak" does not mean baking "freak".its just the word freak.they call me freak for baking a thing for every day break fast or everynow and then,even in the night.thats y they call me bake freak.indicating m a freak, for baking.Lol.however m nt a freak.u should remember that.:).
    oops, bake freak??????? No, i beke bread!!:lol:
    what is to bake freak??:redface::SMILY231: sorrrry! funny ha
    best regards
    wa alaikumuh salaam sister,.u also bake freak,:lol:
    hehhe,anyways, ur regards accepted from bottom ofmy heart.hope u r doing great,by the way i have some chocolate muffins i made today,if u want i can give u the receip of it.my frnds who call me bake freak told me they r great may be cox they get muffins for free,,:D.hehhe.
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