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  • Assalaamu alaykum habibti,
    Ramdan 2012 is just few days away, so I thot I'd "Salaam" my dearest sister before it came :) I hope all is well at your end dear and may Allah shower his mercy and blessings upon you and your family always! <3 take care,
    love, your flower :p (Hint, Hint, Hint)
    wa'alaikum salam habibti,

    I haven't been here for awhile as well and reading this just made me remember how much I missed your amazing posts! Everytime I see a pic like the one on ur profile, I remember when you said you're gunna named it after me:p may the one for whose sake you love me love you! amen,
    uhmm HI! Assalaamu alaikum,

    well Ramadan is here and I realized I havent wished it "happy Ramadan" :p here goes......Ramadan Kareen habibti :)

    Just missing you, I saw ur name and had to write to u :) I am sure u r prbly enjoying ur Ramadan....just hope u remember me in ur dua like I do! :D muah
    OMG sister...finally :D
    aaaaw u r soo sweet, !!! may the one for whose sake u luve me love U! ur msg made me cry for some reason lol
    I knw I am very emotional.....but this one was jst way tooo touching:)
    Iluv u too!! may Allaah make everything easy for u darling. You deserve the best !!!
    muuaahhh.....ima stop now, before I get too emotional ahaha
    wa'alaikum salaam sweety :D
    aaww, alhamdulillaah :D I am glad, hit me up sometimes, heheh I get worried real quick ya knw :)
    May Allaah make everything easy for you ukhti <3
    me still in my two year college insha'Allaah hoping to transfer soon. I also got a retail job at the mall close to my house alhamdulillah :D
    life is being very nice to me, thank you for asking.
    just missing my beautiful sister:)
    OMG!!! is it my eyes or r u really online???

    subhana'Allaah I missed you alot <3
    is everything ok ukhti...I was worried sick about you:( I hope all is well, may Allaah's blessings be with you always =) ameen
    Still haven't forgotten our lengthy convo, believe me its had its lasting impact.

    May Allaah reward you immensely.

    Assalam o alaykum Sister please have a look on it and see if it can be posted on TTI or be beneficial to other members on TTI

    JazakAllah khayran.
    JazakAllah khayran sister for your kind help.
    i want to post some lines from jeffery lang's book "struggling to surrender".
    how can i give you that article and also if you have time to see if that is a good article to be published on TTI :)
    assalam o alaykum
    no problem sister :)
    i have tried to post in other sections also but i have the same problem in every section and right now i have tried to post but nothing only white blank page..
    Assalam o alaykum sister i am a brother :D
    and yes i am getting a blank page, i submit the thread and then it just becomes a white page with nothing on it ..
    i have been trying since 4 days to post a thread but i am unable..
    if you can help :)

    jazakAllah khayran.
    Asslam o alaykum , sister i want to make a thread but i am unable to make it.. can please look into it..
    jazakAllah khayran.. AGAIN :D
    Asslam o alaykum , sister i want to make a thread but i am unable to make it.. can please look into it..
    jazakAllah khayran..
    "What am I supposed to do now *brother?*

    Take back what I said or open the thread?

    What's the point of aaallll of this?!

    You see..the issue with us Muslims .."

    Sister, you were supposed to apologize and take your rudes word back. What ever were your intentions were, at the time of writting and closing those threads, those hurt that brother.

    I can just see double standards at TTI here. I apologize if i sound rude here
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