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  • Assalamu laikum lil sister, long time no hi:(
    hope all is well, I just saw u in my buddy list and thot I wud drop by :D
    take care
    Salam sweetie! Long time no speak, how are you? I miss reading your adorable posts. Usually whenever I was down about something, you'd be right there with a cute lil pick me up! Hope everything's great with you!
    :lol: u dont remember now jeez :p u hve short term memory sis :( :lol:
    ohhh cool i dont hve skol either nd whn they open up im nt going to skol :D but college fr meeeeee :SMILY288: :D:D:D :lol: my fasting is going amazing alhamdulilah :D wht about urs ;) hve a great dayyyyyyyyy *hug*
    :lol: :D im great sis :D Jzakallah khair ;) aww u remember :SMILY288: yay yay yay :lol:
    hws skol going fr u? :D take careeeeeee :D
    BAM!!!!!!!!! :lol:
    :D salamz sissy ;) hw r u? remember me .....or not? :( :lol:
    Ramdan Mubarak to u :D take care and hve an awesome day :SMILY288:
    salam sister
    Ramadan kareem.
    Best wishes to you and your family.
    Try to keep me in your prayers and I'll do the same :)
    well that's nice walnut girl but i still would want to warn you against eating to much at one time:).....you forgot to mention you like walnuts with brains:p!!

    aaaahh!!very clever i'll put a blame reflecter on my so that the blame will bounce on me and straight to......sis RIGHTPATH:D!!
    oh sobhnallah nice trick but erm which nutshell again:confused:........:lol:
    :lol:nice to put it that way.i'm hoping the sisters won't start shouting at us:p.

    well walnuts are good but i had them once ..a lil.. too much in one go and now i don't fell like having them with the same zeal:p
    Oh wow... ;)

    I love all my sisters here :D
    I'm very occupied these days lolll! But I'll remember to make du'aa for all of your exams, since mine are going on now too! :lol:

    LOL everybodyy = lots of love everybody!!!!! :D

    :hearts: :SMILY252: :SMILY252: :SMILY252: :SMILY252: :hearts:
    omg :eek: u scared me :p *not* :lol:
    aww behna where r u u gone again aww :D:D lolz
    take carez! and plz make dua fr my exams result :eek: :D:D:D
    *BEAR HUG* :D:D:D
    muahhhzzzzz bck
    oh no then that condition cud prove dangerous:D!!you sure you okay now.witht the memory and all.head injuries can cause serious troubles to fellow beings around:lol:get a check up my sis:pif you need more knocking lemme know..............kidding ukhti:SMILY252:
    inshallah both of us will be free and successful soon enough.pray for me my sis i'm really woried about my results!!
    hmmmm now that;s very thoughtful being careful % mins everyday:lol:get hungry!!for TTI post delight i suppose:p
    :salam2:wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu:)

    :lol:that's totally crazy how can you forget:p...:jumpclap:by the time you are down with exmz i'll be frreeeeeeeeee:wavyarms:inshallah:)...or may not it's a long way to go:eek:

    good to have you around sis;)doing go wandering off alone to far off places:pcould prove dangerous:lol:

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