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  • as salam alaykum abrar yaar kia haal chaal hai kahan pay ho facebook chor diya kiya
    Aameen ! behtar hai bhai. apni aapa se bhi kaho ki use samajhne aur jaanne mein agar jo problems ho to unko relate karey, inshaAllaah. kai dafe is baare mein dikkate rehti hai.. don't take it for granted. okay
    aur sunao kya halchaal hai ? sab badheeya hai ?.. inshaAllaah.
    Assalamu alaykum
    Us hindu ladki ko padhne/samajhne ke liye material diya, bhai ? inshaAllaah allaah uski madad kare, aameen. wasalam
    As Salaamu 'alaykum Brother,

    You know the situation better. People take time to commit or make radical changes to their lifestyle...Let her explore and read and listen more about Islaam.
    Assalaamu alaykum,

    I made du'aa for your friend's mom. hope she's well now. I was surfing messages and saw it and thought to reply...I'm not liking it to reply so late but plz don't mind it inshaAllaah. Good to see you around and sorry for the late message.
    -- fee amaanillaah

    was' salamu alaykum
    Assalam Alaikum: Aziz Bhai.

    I really wondered when you wrote that origin of Urdu anchors to Hyderabad. I thought it spread from north Indian belt such as UP. BTW I have been to Hyderabad in 1994. There are many of my relatives in metal bazar,bal nagar, and some where in begum bazar.

    I will love to visit Hyderabad again before you fly to UK,InshaAllah.


    For scholarship brother you can do the following

    1. Contact the British Chevening Scholarship Visa. To know about it You google Chevening scholarship.

    2. Contact the University itself for any favour regarding funds

    3. The Education High Commission in India (if it can help)

    Jazakallaho khairn
    As salam alaykum kaisay ho mohammed yaar CAS kiya hota hai i am planning to apply London school of business and Finance
    As Salaamalaykum waa rahmatullahi bhai,

    Kaise ho bhai ? *smile* ... Aaj kal mausam kaisa hai Dubai main ?

    Take care.. Wasalaamalaykum
    As-salaamu `alaykum

    The reason being because we have too many threads like that and while the message is good, quite frankly too many people moan and it leads to the usual arguments. Secondly, that picture was far from appropriate.
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