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  • Assalamualaikum Sis!

    I'm fine alhamdulillah. My internship is great! I got to experience new things and techniques. Hehe. But minor problems during intern is normal and those are what ppl say challenges to be a better person. =) 'Long' office hours and long journey somehow hold me back to go online and browse tru TTI. Yeah, so have not been online for a wk or so. =) Oh ya, gd to hear u hv a proper job now sis. Have a nice2 wkend ya!
    Today was a drag... I didn't have time to sit down and think! Oh well but tonight I am off to intract with nature!
    wasalaam!! Oh yes, how are you feeling now! still having migraine? :( I hope not.. i really hate headaches man. You can never do anything when you have a headache... so what did you do today!
    Haha opps oh yes, forgot about hubby~ LOL..

    Yes, it is sunny today and will be like this everday until winter comes! :) Don't worry about me, just questioning my heart a little :) Hey, I thought you were supposed to be at class? You had a long day at school today yes?
    Lol the heart will only beat for Allah.... and not for some guy! haha! (ok, insyaAllah not hehe)
    Salaam Ukhti!

    Since there is nothing so well worth having as friends, never lose a chance to make them.

    Francesco Guicciardini

    It's good to know you sister! We may not know each other personally now but insyaAllah down the road! :D :D :D :hijabi:

    Salaam Sister :)

    Weekend's been pretty good so far alhamdulillah.. but I have to start studying again soon :( How's yours been? Anyway, dont worry about not coming here! I will be having exams then so I wouldn't be able to bring you guys out and show you around :( InsyaAllah in the future? :D

    love you ukhti fi sabilillah! Take care!
    wa'laikumu salam wr wbr
    jazakillahu khair for stobbinby
    May Allah bless you
    i hope you doin well
    have a nice weekend :)
    take care sista
    w aleykum salaam habibti,

    shukran for your kindness,

    inshallah you have a pleasant weekend too ;)

    jazallah khair ukhti <3
    Allaicomu Saalam my dear sister

    Ohhh Mashallah sister for you.Thank you very much dear sister for remembering me.:)

    Alhamudlillah,everything is fine.

    How are you sister???Inshallah you are fine too with Allahs mercy:)

    May Allah bless you:hearts::tti_sister:

    Oh dear :( Such a long day! Well you can pamper yourself during the weekend hehe :D
    Wasalaam Sis,

    Actually, I can check when I'll be done with exams. I think it will be quite early but I'll keep you updated :) We can always meet up in the city or sth hehe.. really, I would love to bring you girls around. In any case, if you are planning your itinery, I can help you out with it insyaAllah!
    waalaikumussalam sis!!
    i'm fine alhamdulillah..
    but for now quite busy with my attachmnt. =)
    hope u are doing well to sis..
    take care too ya!
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