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  • AssalaamuAlaikum brother.

    How are you doing? I just wanted to thank you for the link of tafsir you sent for Creation of Adam. JazakAllah Khair for it. :)
    It's fine.

    Of course, differences in opinions are acceptable, we are prone to that which we feel the best. I was nowhere bashing anyone too; acknowledging the fact that I am a layman person, so yeah, I just thought I'd point it to you because it's not un-common that people here in TTI doesn't take fatwa from Sheikh Qardhawi, malah tidak berapa galakkan.

    Allaahu a'laam.
    Dear ukhti, just saw your message, very sorry about it tak perasan. Dah tak berapa ingat apa pasal Sheikh ni? I think one brother commented negatively about him I guess, saya setuju memang ada beberapa komen tak baik pasal Sheikh ni, tapi ulama2 skrg majoriti refer kat dia, perbezaan pandangan kita berlapang dada sajalah.. My point is, we shall never insult an ulama, kita ini kategori ulat je.. dia salah, memang salahlah.. jgn ambil fatwanya... tapi kenapa nak perlekeh ilmu dia? Itu je lah ceritanya... but I agree memang saya ada dengar beberapa fatwa dia yg dipertikaikan.
    The link was broken, so I'm posting it again.

    http:// www. *!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!. com /forum / showthread.php?25406- Shaykh-GF-Haddad- s-exposition -of- Yusuf-al-Qaradawi

    Just rapatkn all the spaces that I made. And I also once read about the discussion on the Sheikh at Islamic Awakening forum.

    Allaah knows best.
    Assalamu'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh,

    Akhee, I read about your comment regarding Sheikh Yusuf Qardhawi.

    We both know that kat sini memg most Ustaaz take fatwa from the Sheikh. But here in TTI, they don't. I was among those yang kate Shiekh Yusuf Qardhawi adlh antra prominet scholar [beliau mendpt anugerah tokoh Ma'al Hijrah, right] but I've also read about how few Ulamaa' warns us to refrain taking fatwa's from him.


    The Shiekh's book tentang "Halal & Haram"; Brother Al-Kashmiri pointed out how the Sheikh menghalalkn beberapa pkra yg haram & vice versa. Allaahu a'laam.

    Brother, I am not talking against the Sheikh and even Ustaaz Zahazan pn ambik fatwa dr beliau tetapi it's just that before I accept any fatwa, I weigh it first in terms of its authenticity and compare it with fatwa's from other Salafi Ulamaa'.

    Thought I'd share it with you, that's all.
    Walaykumsalaam brother,

    It was very nice to hear from you. :).. I hope you and your family are doing well also Alhamdulillah.

    May Allah subhaana waa ta'ala grant you success in your studies and make everything easy for you. Ameen

    Take care of yourself. :)
    Wasalaamalaykum waa rahmatullahi

    where are you brother???????:girl3:. i miss your benificial posts and encouraging words which always gave me strength.i wonder why all the nice brothers like you and brother abdallilah disappeared.i hope inshallah ill see you again.take care

    As Salaamalaikum waa rahmatullahi akhee,

    I hope you are doing well Alhumdulillah... I don't think I have seen your posts in a while. keeping busy akhi ?

    Hope to read your your interesting and beneficial soon Insha'Allah. :)

    Wasalaamalaikum waa rahmatullahi
    assalam 'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh my beloved brother

    Just passing by to ask how are you and family? Long without seeing a post from you.

    wassalam 'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
    Asslam u Alaikum wrwb brother,

    I strongly disagree with your msg, especially the last bit. If I Post this on the forum, I am sure everyone will be on my side. You are very nice mature brother, so I do not expect this childlike behaviour from you brother. Do not be so strict brother.

    I am sure everyone on this forum wants to read your threads/replies. Trust me.

    Sister in islam,
    salam alikom warahmatu allahi wabarakatuh
    first of all eid mubarak brother for you and all your family and people!
    I'm from algeria wanting to go and study in malaysia,in the islamic university of malaysia!
    could you help me with something? like is it possible for me to live there?
    is the life level expensive?
    how much mony should I bring with me?
    lot of question need answers dear brother
    so...could you help me?please?
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