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  • salam alikom dear ukhti

    how r u now ?? how is ur health now sister ?? hope u r getting better insha allah ,wallahi im afraid about u ukhti , sure u r in my dou'a insha allah

    may allah heal u with his mercy ,provide you with a compelete and speddy recovery ukhti

    salam alikom
    urs khadija
    inshallah sis..we r sis in this world an dinshallah inthe hereafter
    feelign better today?
    take care
    walikum salam
    Assalaamu Alaikum:D:D:D
    **HUG** aaawww! my post threww off huh??loool, well, I missed you too!glad iam back to hear from u again!loooove u loads!
    Allah hafiz nw & always:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
    Wa Alaikum Salam wr wb dear sister,

    Subhan heart literally moved when I read your msg...I was also thinking the same thing yesterday.... that I would visit you when I would go to Pakistan...Allah o Akbar..I thought on this point for some time ...:) We will see each other insha Allah.

    I am very well now Alhamdolillah...How are you ? I read your post that you are not well. May Allah grant you complete cure and strengthen your Eman.

    Remove the suffering O Lord of mankind and heal it perfectly as You are the true healer. There is no cure except Your cure, a cure which is not followed by sickness.

    Dear Sister, May HE love you for whose sake you love me.

    Love you for the sake of Allah,

    Wa Alaikum Salam,
    o0h ukti, I was out for only few days for exams and stuff:D I thought u'd see my post!lool, btw I am feeling alright:D happy as always:D:D:D
    jst missed u guys:D:D
    walikum salam
    awww sis..i pray ALLAH makes you all better and heal you very fast.
    my duas are with u sis
    ahh sis thats what we do ...we r sis for life remember
    take care
    love u tons
    salaam ukthi

    i see you are not feeling too good...
    may allah swt grant you a quick recovery inshaAllah

    you are in my du'as my dear sister
    take good care and keep smiling :)

    p.s. keep up the good all your threads..mashaAllah

    wassalam :)
    ASalam alaikum sis
    how r u doing?
    I read ur post that u r not feelign well
    hope everything is okay
    u r in my duas sis
    take care
    walikum salam
    Wa Alaiku Salam wr wb dear sister,

    Jazaki Allahu Khayra for remembering me. Ameen to your Du'a. I had a surgery (That was successful Alhamdolillah). on April 30 and am still in the process of recovery. Due to this reason could not come to the forum...but I did miss all of you. I am much better now Alhamdilillah. Thanks very much for your concern sister. may Allah accept every single wish and prayer of you and grant you Jannat-ul-Firdous.

    Wa Alaikum Salam wr wb
    :wasalam: my sweet sis
    hey no problem
    i love ur posts..they r so gooddddddddddddddddd
    gotta go
    take care
    walikum salam
    How can we know if "our ideas" are correct ?

    So lets go back and listen to what Scholars have to say, and understand what is the correct Islamic position on the issues.

    After all we are all here to learn!
    Well... I don't know who those Aalims are and are black-listed by whom.

    But, I strongly request you (if there such a word :)) to listen to those Lectures on Politics according to Quran and Sunnah and "Levels of Jihaad". Whenever you get time.

    Was Salaam
    Wa ALaykum As Salaam Sister,

    I'm sorry about that I posted the sick icon on the post. Unfortuately I cam't edit it now.

    Also, I'm very happy to know that alhamdulillah you know the correct aqeeda. And true we are all here to learn...

    But, somtimes i just feel very sad when we differ even on the issues of aqeedah.

    Was Salaam

    I'm not sick on your comments but, in general about
    As salaam Alaykum SIster,

    I had a couple of questions for you, but you may choose not to reply if you think i'm offending you.

    1. I was just wondering if you had a chance to listen ot the lectures that i had posted about jihad and politics in Islaam.

    2. You said that you have asked many scholars about it and and are very clear. So I was just wondering if it would be possble for you to share the names of the Scholars with me ?
    Wa Alaykum As Salaam
    *i put light color coz others put more effort to read that* gud thought! but I thought once others see the light color they might jst move to another thread bc they dont want to put that EXTRA effort:D but I guess u r right:D:D
    o0oh, cute..tabarakaAllah, well sister my fav color(if u interested to knw) is PINK,BLUE,and orange(looool, i knw it's more than one color but I still share):D:D:D
    it's a night for us here in the states dear:D but gud morning to U:D
    luv,hug mwaahs:D
    Allah hafiz now and always:D
    Salaam:D buging u again:D
    sister, for ur poem Imagine, do u mind changing the color of the font?? it might be hard to read for some people bc it's kinda bright. jst a sugesstion:D
    luv hug,mwaahs:D
    Allah hafiz now and always:D
    aaawww cute:D:D:D
    true walahi, that is why iam sooo addicted to TTI:D tabarakaAllah, it's such a beautiful community:D
    thanks for sharing this with me:D
    Allah hafiz now and always my sweeeeeet behna:D
    thanks for accepting and yea we're SISTERS!
    happy to be ur friend:D:D:D::D:D:D::DD:D:D:D
    lol, so many smiles for u:D
    Allah hafiz now and always:D
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