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  • brother abdalilah, waalaikumus salam. brother, i just took a break, though it was long. i am happy to be back. i am ok alhamdulillah and my family members~ all are ok alhamdulillah. how are you brother? thanks for remembering.
    Agree with you brother, perhaps I've wasted my time with this turkish guy without realising his background. I'm sure we have nothing with turkish people in general but this guy really a black sheep in that 2% turkish and Islamic community. I make du'a for Allah to guide him back to the right track.
    W/salam brother Salek. I'm fine mashAllah. T/you for dropping me a note, may Allah reward you brother. I agree and don't understand why we need to entertain someone claimed to be worshipping shyaitaan. I've petition to brother Mabsoot via PM to close down the thread unfortunately this brother moderator have different opinion. Fine, I don't want to get involved with shyaitaan's worshipper. I also very upset when this turkish guy known as "izzy" keep mocking the Prophet and his Sunnah. Again I petition to the moderator but no respond from him. I now decided to take rest (keep it to you self) from TTI (definitely not leaving TTI coz I love the brothers and sisters here) for few weeks. I will still browse through all threads but will avoid posting any comments. I need some peace of mind. I will blow my top when someone claimed to be muslim attack the Prophet and the moderator refused to close the thread. I'm very upset just like you. Sorry brother for making you to read a long message.
    assalamu alaikum brothers, how are you doing? pls make doa for me i am not mentally stable nowadays.
    Brother, I'm fine mashAllah. I did not notice this message so sorry for my late reply. I am always there to talk to you brother. Allah praise to Allah.
    Allaicomu saalam wa rahmatullah wa barakathu dear brother Salek.

    I am fine Alhamdulillah,jazzak Allah khair dear brother for asking.:)
    May you Inshallah be in the best state of heath and faith,Ameen.:tti_sister:

    Thank you dear brother for your nice and kind words,and for your welcoming to our family.:)I am happy too brother to be back Alhamduilllah,and also happy because you like my threads and poems Mashallah.Wallahi I do not deserve so kind words.

    May Allah Almighty reword you too brother for your kind heart and bless your children with joy and happiness.Ameen.:tti_sister::tti_sister:

    May Allah bless you once again

    Allaicomu saalam
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