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  • wa alaykkum assalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

    only now did i log in and saw your VM... by the way, the eid wish that you got from the unknown number is me.. i sms-ed you using different sim by mistake... *smiles*...
    Walikum Assalam: Dear Tariq.

    I am fine Alhamdulillah. Hope you too are doing well,INshaAllah.

    Shukriya, mere Aziz for supporting me and understanding my issue. Also Shukriya for the Gabbar's Email :):):)

    Take care. MAy Allah (SWT) shower His utmost blessings upon you.

    assalaamu alaykkum.. how are you akhi??

    i saw the post about your relative on fb group.. inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'oon.(didnt really wanted to reply there..) hope you are holding up well brother. take care.
    Ve aleykumselam
    Owh alright brother i got it, yes I will let u know if I have it.
    Which program did u use brother?
    Take care ,
    Ve aleykumselam,

    Do you mean with click photos, taking a picture with cellphone?, I have a scanner but its not compatible with windows7 but, i wil connect the scanner to my laptop and then i will scan new drawings with it. But what do you mean with frame, brother :D
    ta barak Allah... so nice of you akhi... i will in sha Allah post it on my fb page... may Allah grant you the highest rank in paradise.

    wassalaamu alaykkum.
    wa alaykkum assalaam

    barak Allahu feekum... insha Allah i will send it to you if i find it necessary.. may Allah bless you in this world and in the next.

    wassalaamu alaykkum.
    wa alaykkum assalaam

    jazak Allahu khyir for the info. too lazy to create an account. but will keep in mind. wassalaamu alaykkum.
    assalaamu alaykkum wa rahmathullah
    how do you attach the image in your visitor message?? what should i do when i want to attach an image in my computer??
    yes,I "stole" the avatar from the thread that brother Ismail92 made.I would have his skillness,but mashallah I can do mant other things.wa salam:)
    wa 'alikum salam,brother.alhamdulillah I'm fine.thank you for your interess.I hope you too are fine.take care
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