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  • Assalamu Alaikum: Aziz Bhai Tariq.

    Pleasant to know your well being and also about your exam preparations. Alhamdulillah.

    I await your replies and Subhan-Allah for your previous convincing replies. Take your time.

    May Allah (swt) shower His utmost blessings upon you.

    Take care.

    had a good smile looking at the pic u posted on my wall. may Allah grant you Jannatul firdaus... and increase your rank (if you teach me proper urdu.. hehe.. kidding. dont have much time for that now..)
    as reverted muslimah,I confess that I've nothing to do with hinduism and I don't even want to have to do with it,by the fact I was so involved,that in ceratin cases I felt scared and traumatisez.I learnt some hindi songs about the "divinity".I'm sorry,but I still now try to forget my past.when I cross my sight with an indian person,I wonder how could I have survived to the brainwashing and how could have I thought that I wanted to marry to an indian boy.I wish to increase and emprove my behaviour an I just want to be happy with what Allah donated me,thank you again for the invite
    SALAM brother,I'm glad you put me in your friends list,I hope we continue to share many good informations,so that we'll increase our knowledge and wisdom,take care,wa salam
    Walikum Assalam: Dear Tariq.

    how are you?. And what about exam preparations?. Salaams to your parents.

    wa alaykkum assalaam wa rahmathullahi wa barakatuhu... *with the biggest of the smiles* more than the smileys u used... hahaha...
    Walikum Assalam: Aziz Tariq.

    Alhamdulillah,you are fine. I am fine as well by grace of Allah (SWT). And by Allah,I was just thinking today to write a thank giving Email for your wonderful messages to my inbox.

    It would be nice to go through your reply on the concerned post. I love and find your replies very convincing.

    Take care Dear. Salams to all your family.

    Assalam Alaikum: Aziz Tariq.

    How are you doing. Hope everything is well InshaAllah. Hope your studies keeps with the pace of time. Take care.

    Walikum Assalam: Dear Tariq.

    Mere Aziz Bhai,Alhamdulillah. I am fine. Hope you too are in best of health and Imaan. Take care. May Allah bless you.

    abhi main log out kar raha hoon. (hope i got the spelling correct this time).. catch you on gtalk or fb insha Allah.

    Du'aa mei yaad rakho(correct??)*smiles*

    wa salaam..
    :wasalam: akhi,

    No, I am not a freak as I barely go there when I remind. I did hit a like today, only one... You are more of a youtube lover as I think that you got 2 profiles?!

    Ameen w :jazaak:
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