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  • Wa-alaykuma salaam

    Alhamdulilah i'm doing great. Yeah long time no see. Jazak ALlahu khayra for dropping by, i appreciate it a lot. May Allah swt bless you ya akhi:)

    Wasalamu Alaikum:D
    AlhamduliAllah, iam glad that cheered u up:D tabarakaAllah:D walahi, having faith ni our RAB is the best way to gooo, bc wif that u'll NEVA lose hope!:D
    ameeeeeeen, to ur dua akhi, and yes! I will always remember u in my duas:D:D:D:D:D:D
    Allah hafiz now and always:D
    Allaicomu saalam wa raahmatullah wa baarakathu dear brother.

    Inhsallah you are in the best state of heath and faith.Ameen.

    Jazzak Allah khair for passing your kind saalams and duas.Alhamdulillah I have passed one exam,and I have two more left Inshallah.:)Please do not forget me in your duas dear brother,and you are in my duas too.:tti_sister:

    May Allah bless you always and keep you under His protection.

    tc as well, inshaAllah I truely hope ALL ur difficulties wud go away!!! I really feel pain whenI hear abt Muslims who r been afflicted with trials, but remeber this hadith:
    *When Allah LOVES one of HIS servants, He tests them wif calamities* So, He sees which one of them HAS true faith! Allah is testin N with patience u will certainly EARN His LOVE!inshaAllah
    Allah hafiz now and always bro:D
    WaAlaikum Assalaam:D:D:D
    InshaAllah, I will def keep u in my duas, may Allah make things easy for u...I hope all the hardships will go away inshaAllah,
    remember *WITh every hardship there comes ease* be patient and Allah will surely make matters easy for u, pray and make loads of dua, I heard that Allah delays HIS response coz He wants to hear HIS servants callin on to HIM ALONE, so plz NEVER EVER give up hope!
    Sorry didnt mean to lecture to u but I thot this words might make u feel better:D I hope that they AT least restored your hope:D
    I am doin ok AlhamduliAllah, jazakaAllah khairan for askin:D
    I dont hv any plans of goin any where, but I am gonna revise Quran @ my masjid startin this tues or wednesday inshaAllah....lookin forward to that:D inshaAllah, I will make full use of mt time for truely I hv wasted SO MUCH time in the past! may Allah forgive me N hv mercy on me(and All of us).ameen
    !~!~page tooo small!~!~!~! next page inshaAllah
    Assalamu Alaikum dear akhi filAllah:)
    hw u doing?? LONG time no see man, I thought I wud drop by to say "SALAAAAM"
    hope u doing well inshaAllah:D
    Wasalamu Alaikum:D:D:D:D:D
    asalam o alykum wr wb
    respected brother ... the tester in our life increase our emaan n they are source to get near to Allah SWT ... may Allah help u always in every problem........................ameen
    just keep faith
    wsalam wr wb
    it's going amaaazing:D oh yea, still thrusday for us:D:D:D
    anyways, read my old v, msgs...I wrote two LOOONG once for u, telling wat I decided:D

    Allah hafiz now and always
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