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  • Assalamo alaikum.

    You broke our heart..sis.How can ukhti of the month be a brother?.^_^.

    Khair, taka care.
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    Psshh it's true. :p Brothers are welcome to claim their titles!

    You *can* change that though... :p Find Sr. AyeshaPAK and we'll talk. XD
    I dunno. I am still not satisfied sister. With great difficulty, I read about companions and still I missed out one. LOL :p I searched quite a lot but couldn't find Talha bin Abdur Rehman ibn Awf. By the way, logically speaking, during the time of Quraish there was only Talha ibn Ubaydullah RA. If there was any Sahabi named Talha ibn Abdur Rehman ibn Awf, I would have some how read about it or to the least heard about him. :( Anyways, Shaykh is more knowledgable than me.. :( I guess I will search about this Sahabi also. But yes, all most every sahabi wanted to get rid of their wealth & we are doing the opposite.. :( JazakAllah Khair for your efforts sister. Appreciate it :) Take care
    Assalaamualaikum sister :)
    Seems like we are on the same boat. lol :p I tried to use the search engine with the name mentioned in the post. Sad, I couldn't find such a Sahaba. But, am quite sure I know that Talha ibn Ubaydullah RA was a generous man. If am not wrong he was called "The Generous". Anyways if yoü get time could yoü ask sisters or anyone whom yoü know? and revert back to me ukhti?
    AssalaamuAlaikum sister.

    I have a doubt. InshaAllah hope you clarify it for me. In your recent post "Healthy heart" You have mentioned the sahaba's name as Talha ibn Abdur Rehman ibn Awf. But I think it was Talha ibn Ubaidullah RA, who was called as the most generous. Can you please help me by clarifying the doubt. May Allah SWT forgive me, if am wrong. :(
    AssalaamuAlaikum sister.

    JazakAllah Khair. :) May Allah(SWT) guide us to the right path and make this life & akhira easy for us.
    Haha, that's true I guess! No country's perfect like no human being's perfect (Except for the Holy people Allah SWT chose for preaching His message to the world!)! The 'golden key' is hardwork though, (Me saying that is pretty ironic though, but i like advising others :p)!
    Oh you'd say that, won't you! ;) That doesn't change the truth honey, you, are, a, kid! :D I mean come onn, you don't even have like a Nationed Identity card yet! Huh? :) (No offence meant! :p)
    Oh ukhti, been there, done that! Don't recommend doing that though! :p Not at this stage at least, cuz we're literally(more like figuratively) in the middle of nowhere right now and can't afford procrastination! :p
    Oh haha! JazakAllah Khairan for the compliment and the beautiful du'a sister! Like i said, I'm totally need prayers! Ever since 'the sad events' of my life have taken place, I've had a hard time concentrating on pretty much everything! From being someone who'd always get the top three positions, I have become someone who has to struggle for every single mark in a test! But I'm happy, Alhamdullilah, I'm happy at whatever Allah's given me and whatever's He's not! I have no right to complain to Him about anything!
    Anyway, you'll do great InshaAllah! My prayers and wishes will always be with you ukhti!! So work hard and leave everything else to Allah SWT, for He's the best ultimate decider! :hijabi:
    Oh, ok, and NO, you're not almost 18, there's still almost half a year to it! :p (sorry to burst your little bubble :p ) But all the kidding apart, MashAllah you being this dedicated to Islam at such an age is eye-watering! May Allah SWT help you and your family out in every step of your life and bless you with jewels of faith, health, smiles and prosperity in this life and in the life of the hereafter! Amen
    Aaaahh...procrastination..one of the deadliest sins of this life! :p Exactly the same happens with me some times and it's not pleasant in the least bit! :S
    Oh do you have to give like an entrance test or an interview or something? Let me admit, what's happening to you is kinda true for me as well. I mean, I'm normally very chilled out and relaxed (this time is an exception, because it's about me getting into a professional medical college and that's pretty much the only dream i have for now, so, yeah, I wake up at nights all depressed and wacko but oh well!) and right two days before the 'main event' i go all cranky and irritated!
    I second that ukht, especially with studies and all! But i manage Alhamdullilah! :p
    Oh i won't InshaAllah hopefully! But that's so so very sweet sister, you saying that, is so very sweet! May Allah SWT bless you always!
    Life's going very very busy but Alhamdullilah I'm very happy. Studies will pay off someday InshaAllah hopefully and all the fatigue will finally make sense! Please pray for me ukht!
    I'm exactly 18 years and a month old! :p I think you're 18 too! :p
    I guess you couldn't post a VM on my profile because you weren't added as a friend with me, I've added you, I hope once we're added with each other things will work out just fine InshaAllah!
    Wassalam sis
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