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  • Assalamu allaicum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu

    Jazzak Allah khair dear sister for your kindness. : )

    Ramadhan Mubarak to you too and your family. May Allah grant you in this month His Mercy and Forgivness, accept your fast and all your good deeds.Ameen Ya Rabb.
    Assalamoooo alaikum warahmatullah sis.

    Happy Ramadan!!!.

    I'm sharing a little poem i found on Facebook.Hope you like it.:)

    This Ramadan,
    We Will Trade Facebook
    For Faithbook (The QURA’N),
    Where We:
    …TAG 0ur Hearts,
    LIKE Doing Good Deeds,
    ADD Duas n Prayers,
    SHARE Wealth Through Charity,
    POKE Conscience,
    UNTAG Sins,
    Link 0ur Life 5 Times With
    SHUKR ALLAH Always 0n 0ur
    FASTING n CONFIRM 0ur Love To
    Prophet MOHAMMAD (S.A.W.W)


    Wa'alaykum salaam warahamatullah wabarakatuh baby gurl!
    Ramadaaaaan MUBARAK to you toooo! May Allah accept it from us :)
    Ohh bless, I just noticed on top right hand side, youre only 16 aww, same age as my brother :-D. And youre gna be 17 in three days, man I wish I can be 17 again, good times :p
    :salam2: yo no worries, tyt in replying etc. coz I do the same :p

    Lol well I personally like imitating all types of accents, especially the Indian and American ones haha. I use the Indian in particular when I'm prank calling :D works all the time :D. American accents - I can't really distinguish them e.g. New York or Chicago etc. - I'm sure you get what I mean coz I'm sure you guys have different accents or dialects etc.? Like you have Southern accent and then you have some different ones up North, right?

    How many years till youre gonna be in college and what you planning to study? Here we call it university - I'm in my second year of my course and I'm doing BA Hons ECS, it's going well. Actually I've got an exam today, is it okay if I ask for a du'aa request? Please make du'aa I pass inshallah. Haven't slept all night, been doing all-nighter but it's okay coz I've got insomnia - well that's not okay but at least it helps me stay up to revise lol.
    Oh so so not good. what's with mole rats, You don't want anything to get extinct, that may also include slugs and Roaches, but you want mole rats gone? Tsk, Tsk.

    I'll have a problem dissecting a rabbit *Shivers*, dunno why.

    So how's you?
    Hmm guess you follow the darwins theory of natural selection. By the way, Pandas and tigers are about to join you there, according to him. lol.

    That's a nice sentence. Passionate about hating Physics, cool!

    Oh C'Mon since when have been smelling dead cats. It could be dead rats, rabbits or frogs.
    Lol I guess we kind of have the same humour :p

    How's high school in the US? Lol, I bet it's just like the movies or even worse? :S

    England is okay, very cold :/

    You planning to go College?
    Asslamu alaikum

    Yeah,well i'm doing good alhamdullilah.I'm busy with studies too.It's really making me mad.....
    Did what again?

    Okay lol no shouting. I get it you don't like physics;p

    Hey dissecting cats ain't that bad. I know Sobhan'Allaah! Inshaa'Allaah we'll both see them soon.
    No need to apologise.

    Well I'm more than happy to accept the friend invite :p

    Same here, I'm struggling with my emaan as well but inshaAllaah I hope it will be in good condition, if you know what I mean.

    Everything's okay, thanks for asking.

    Sooo how's life in New York?
    Assalamu alaikum dear sis.

    It's really nice of you.Thanks a lot.You may not believe but i was about to send you friend request.You may like this....


    :jazaak: for the friend invite. I would of sent one but I'm shy :S

    I hope you are well in deen, life, studies etc etc. How's it going?

    Hmm. . .So it's physics? I never quite enjoyed it either. I find it rather boring subject. Except for the _______, nevermind.

    Sooo like a shadow lol. Creeping on our backs. Btw you seem to be into Aurora lights these days. {Checking your avatar}
    Wasalamo`Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Baarakaatuh,

    Yeah I got that quite clear lol, so what's you been upto? Seeing you after a long time. . .And it's good that you've replied.

    I'm fine Alhumdulillah! You, spooky shadow?
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