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  • Asalamoalaikom wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu. . .

    Hope you are in the pink of health and imaan sister.

    Jazaakallah khair for the friendship request. Glad to have you on my friends' list.
    ahaha....I was actually just doing that!! looking through my pms now......pls read what I wrote. I think you're fine btw
    well, I guess we're on the same page :D:D:D:D

    woot woot! dude, I saw ur blog, its BEEEEEEEEAAAAAAUTIFUL!!! masha'Allah....I luvs it :)
    uhm, it was normal....sorry I dnt wanna write alot here I think its sorta public for what I want to say hehehe.....but it was not different frm any otha day (if u knw what I mean) ;) I hope u get it insha'Allah!!!
    LOL subway??? if it was not for the pork....I'd say why not, but ughhhhhhhhhhh ! eeww,
    yesh yesh pahles keep ur username :D:D:D
    oh gotcha, well insha'Allah it'll be amazinggg! u stay strong habibti :D
    well sister, u did ur part.....now its up to her. We're commanded to remind others of Allah, if they listen alhamdulillah, if not all we can do is pray. Always pray for her guidance and everyone's!
    my summer is great......alhamdulillah :D
    I took two summer classes and they are done now.....and I work alot now that there is no school :D
    ahaha, I think I like ur username now...pls dnt change it. It reminds us all of Allah....:)
    oh btw why are u nervious this Ramadan??
    uhm....hello there

    assalaamu alaikum!!

    hey how is it going with ur sister?? :D
    oh I luvs ur AVATAR btw.....!its pweettii kool!:p
    ***When you need it the most, when you think you have nowhere to go .... look yourselfe in the chambers of my soul ...this is your refuge ... if you can not find ... just look up into the sky .... there are clouds of our memories where my soul is resting...****
    Walaykum asslam brother.

    Lol, cats.. I found it online, thanks though.

    Nice cat btw lol, is it yours?

    I had to reply on here cuz your vms are disabled.. oh well, if you see this.. xD
    Assalamu 'alaykum sis..

    well, just wanted to say..like your avatar very much.lol

    here's mine.


    Wa iyaki dear sister and ameen for your kind duas.

    I hope Inshallah it is not nothing serious for your health. May Allah give you fast recovery,and do not forget sister that when we are ill, we have again one blessing of Allah, which is removing our sins.

    May Allah bless you too.Ameen

    Wa Allaicumu saalam wa raahmatullah wa baarkatuhu dear sister.

    You are most welcome. Alhamdulillah, I am glade that you like my display picture. :hijabi:. I have aslo liked it and choose it as avatar, because it represents a Muslim women, as it can be seen.:).

    May Allah make you close to Allah my litlle sister,and make your eman strong.

    I love you Bismi Allah!

    Ameen summa ameen

    oh well..winter break is saying goodbye !!! and I am not soo haapppy...it means more classes, and more work and frasturations!!! aarrgg
    I cant believe its already over...I feel like I havent rested much.........
    u better not procrastinate gurl.....its really bad. I have that habit,,,, trying to stop it now:D I wanna be different ya knw :p
    because of my classes I have to sorta change job scheduling and stuff. life is pretty good tho, alhamdulillaah.
    I bet u back to skool already??
    assalaamu alaykum sweety,
    I have more time now that I am DONE done DONE done DONE done with finals!!! horrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy :D:D:D:D
    no prbs btw, you can reply as late as u wish :p
    :lol: just your nurses darling, I remember some kids going to the nurse office just to take a nap in my high schoool :p so yea, again your nurse is the mean one only....or maybe the problem is YOU ;)
    hws everything going with you?? it has a been a long time since I asked that?? :)
    heheh...believe me they do and it was not to the nurses office! I wish we had a nurses in college. Thats just in high skool baby! there was a lot of blood thats y I had to leave the exam room and get something to stop ;) authobillah arm cutt off?? u really graphic ya knw :p
    aaww, that really does hurt......I hope it NEVER happens to anyone insha'Allah:(
    OHHH wow.........you was some weird kid:p see if i can eat thru my nose" ya kidd alot ;P
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