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  • Asalamo`Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Baraakaatuh,
    Asalamoalaikom wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu...

    Oh look whose here*Smile*

    How are you dear sister. It's really a surprise, what made you think of me lol. Alhumdulillah I'm good.
    oh yeah love it lol:pnice one.let's hope i won't melt.sobhanallah another ayesha.it makes it 4 i think.4 of my sisters are ayeshas.On the day of resurrection half of my friends will get up all at once when the name ayesha is announced for jannah inshallah.may ALLAh guide us to it.ameen
    :) yeah classes can be tiring sometime,i'm from peshawar.you are from UK or live in UK lol:)???you are from my country sis.blood is what matters not what's written on papers:)

    sahiwal.....so you speak???
    Thanks dearo! May Allah bless you too dear sister Aisha! Take care, love! salam alaikum!!
    I better go and register sis... I'm at my college and it's the only time I can come online to TTI and check my email... alhamdulilah take care sister... I want to be a writer and a graphic designer inshallah... wow okay Manchester... hmmm i'll lơk into it inshallah. Well, actually, I've never been to a mosque hehe :redface: lol awww take care sister love you 4 the sake of Allah always dearo!!!
    aww yes masha Allah! I'm from Atlanta Georgia (not the best place for Muslims, let me tell you!!) Churches for every street lol. Very few mosques but I think there are like two large mosques in the area and small mosques scattered about mashăAllah! I want to move to the UK. Where in the UK are you from sister? Maybe I'll move there inshallah.Yes I'm very excited to write my autobiography inshallah. I know my family may never accept me as a Muslim, but you and the MUslims are my family now alhamdulilah!! May Allah unite us as sisters in Islam and grant us all Jannah amen! :hearts:
    Masha Allah! We're almost the same age hehe!! Wow the UK? I thought about moving there from the United States because the Muslims here are not treated very good especially in the Southern states. :( but alhamdulilah I can't wait to publish my story inshallah!! :)
    I'm 20. I converted to Islam when I was 15 yrs old alhamdulilah!! :) how about you sis?
    yep masha Allah I wanted to change my name on there so my family would not recognize me alhamdulilah.
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