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  • Asalamo`Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Baraakaatuh,

    Uh, it's me. Part of me. The rest dried away in two months waits outside your door, lol.

    I'm good Alhumdulillah. Just got rid of a long presentation. 45 mins presentation to be precise : p. Life's good, I'm just switched to a bad mood mode since yesterday for some reason. Anyway, how are you?

    Ukht, I'm a lil confused. Did any of my mails and messages get across? I'm not sure who I was sending messages to once upon a time.
    Changed ur username so how am i to know who this sis of mibe is? Lol. Help me out here lol

    Hows ramadhan been going?
    Asalamo`Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Baraakaatuh,

    I recently lost all my saved numbers on my phone, all the memory basically - drop me a text inshaAllaah with your name on the end so I can save your number again k?

    How are you doing?
    Wowwwwhat? Ukht? 15? lol, Oh C'Mon. I'm not that bad. Ya Allaah. You very very gandhi bachi, you just turned me into a baby. 15. I can't believe you just thought that. . .Not that you are the first to say it :p. Gee, I'm offended. Gotto grow up in my posts. I guess I'll do the growing up later. I'm working on sweetening up a lil. YOu know you old sisters are great, you are kinda fine with me. TTI's newer generation and the older ones who don't know me so well think I'm this rude, know-it-all, idiot *Sigh*. I actually may have evolved into one. It worries me. So how do we write politer posts? Gimme a few pointers,maybe?

    No feotus is just too old, maybe something younger than that lol. As for me, I'm fine with my age right now. I'm just not good with the work speed. Should have accomplished more by now. May Allaah grant us the strength to face our daily challenges.
    Cool avvie ukht.

    Well what do you use then, madaaam? I'll have to throw this stranger out of my place then, I mean if it's not you, right?

    Cool threads? Like what, like how to download a video downloader, lol. I don't know ukht, I think I'm the only one posting on that thread. Even if I'm the lone player on that play ground, atleast it is working for a kiddy kid like me, I'm happy about that Alhumdulillah *Smile*. Sobhan'Allaah you have me wondering now. May Allaah bring much benefit out that future thread. All eyes on the game forum then, huh?
    Hotmail. I send you a couple of Offliners to make sure I've had you added and err, there is errie silence at the other end which worries me. Have I added you or someone else?

    Mashaa'Allaah. Yeah, I'm trying to practice some things before ramadhan. Seen that practice Islam thread of mine. I'm trying to get rid of some bady bady habits lol. It's helping.

    I'm missing mine. My cousins just aren't the same. You know it's strange how we want to be 'adults' when we are kids and 'kids' when we are 'adults'. Yeah man is born as an ingrate. Btw I don't really hate growing up. I have so much to do:p

    Why 10? why not 5:p?
    Asalamo`Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Baraakaatuh

    Hardly do anymore, you are never around. Here or at the other place.

    Ahhh! Understandable, exams torture huh? I'm in somewhat the same situation. I don't have exam as yet but I'm having the sickness right from now for no reason. *Sigh* May Allaah help us out. Ameen

    I was scratching my head what's got into her? Urdu practice, yeah? It's kinda good considering you haven't been taught*Smile*. My people get all bugged what I say yaar. It's a lil of too informal for them. Khair Inshaa'Allaah, how are other things?

    Zoology is running ahead, I'm trying to chase it. Let's see what happens. Life is okay, as long as you don't listen to the news and keep your eyes closed, just as it always is.
    :( I have the tendency to go extinct, if you haven't noticed. I saw our reply and I've been meaning to write back, but then I forget. lol.

    High school in the US? I'm guessing not that different from high school in the UK. Except for the accents.. you guys have awesome accents.. seriously... do people in the UK enjoy imitating American accents or is it just us? lol.

    But yes, high school can be like the movies - cliques, hierarchies, fitnah, gross stuff. Just a bunch of hormonal teenagers is what it is.

    Inshaa'Allaah, can't wait to go to college. You're in college aren't you?
    I know how that feels......and I know that we try to do the "right" things but it does not give us the pleasure and happiness it used. I am as lost as anyone can get at the moment. Nothing in this dunya makes sense to me and at times, I just break down crying because I don't understand my emotions and what I go through. It is a roller coaster of emotions of guilt, regret and confusion.

    Yea I did.....idk if Ima watch it tho....maybe I will just because of Channing Tatum ;)
    aaww, yea me too...

    I am actually suffering from some "depressive phase." I blamed my imaan for it, but now I am seriously considering that to be wrong. I mean I know my imaan is LOW, but I don't believe that it is the cause of my depressive moods. Alhamdulillah, I do not wanna complain much, but know that others have it worse and the "wildness" and "fun" looking life is not fun at all. There is no beauty than that of Islam
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