11 million dollar Christmas tree in the UAE


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Yuck, that's all I really have to say. May Allaah guide all of us.

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I nvr knew there was silmilar topics. inshaallah next time ill search. jazkallah kheyr.

Aisha hussain..

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This is so sad i thought only Dubai is being westernized and now Abu Dhabi is also on the same track,

May Allah guide them ameen



salam alaikum

I got nothing to say but,
may Allah save us from this kind of things,
oh Allah save us, save the Muslims, save our brothers and sisters.
we are nothing without the help of Yours, to You we belong and to You we shall return



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:salam2:I don't know what remained Arabic in these people,Altough am half Arab and I love my Language and culture. I distance myself from such people they are not of me and am not of them.I feel no connection or whatsoever with these humain remains, they have capitulated completely.When I see other Muslims starving and going through immense catastrophes and humanitarian crisis,am disgusted of the contrast.Am sorry such extravagances can not be justified in the name of progress and openness .This is just another consume perversion.Instead of Arabic island they should give it the name of another western province .They forgot their culture ,their religion ,their language.They have sold the pride and honour .These guys need some Potency pill .Am Proud not to have Khaliji blood running through my veins when i see this.Just call me one of th sons of the country of one and half million Shaheed who died for Islam and the Arabic language.Every Arab will know what am talking about,especially the Palestinians.Marx should have said that Money is the opium for the people Not religion.Just another example of how his thesis was flawed is here in front of our eyes to witness.Wassalaamu Aleikum

Malcolmx house Negro Vs Field Negro



The Prophet of Mercy, Muhammad salla’llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam said :

‘Surely there is in the body a small piece of flesh; if it is good, the whole body is good, and if it is corrupted, the whole body is corrupted, and that is surely the heart’.

Related by Imam Bukhārī in his sahih

Our hearts can`t be good without knowing Allah and being sinceer to him.

Many muslems in many parts of the world need to understand this hadith and correct what is within their hearts ( Including myself) , Now most muslems are loosing :

Dignity and self-esteem. by forgetting the fact that: Allah alone is the possessor of all power and none beside Him can benefit or harm a person or provide for his/her needs or give or take away life or wield authority or influence. Then the shaytan with lead them in this life(to their ruin)

2. Modesty and humbleness.A Muslem cannot be arrogant and self-conceited because he/she believes that his/her merits or achievements are not due to his/her own worth, they are gifts from Allah. Such a person is always thankful to Allah and recognizes how much he/she depends upon Allah .

3. Ultimate peace and contentment. The temptation of this life controlled many muslems .

I think many muslems in these area don`t agree with what is gong on but they have no auothority or power to change and some are happy with it ignorant about the teachings of Islam.


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May Allaah guide us all...indeed we're in a time of humiliation!!

Brother Jamal, I understand your point and I agree with you 100%!! You said it all well,

We await for Allaah to rescue us.....the Muslims have forgotten their position in this world.


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<<It might be a slight moment of loosing sight but it doesn t mean that am arrogant and heart diseased in my everyday life you don't know me.I gave up many many things for my deen Alhamdulillah and I still do every single day of my life.The prophet Salla llahu aleihi wassalaam is talking about those who gave up akhira and only want the reward of this world.Not about Muslims who try to surrender to god in every moment of their life and who make mistakes like every son of Adam does.>>

Brother I wasn`t talking about you at all, your posts tells about your pure faith and care for Islam, :ma:. I am talking about our disease (Muslams) in general , many muslems carry the name only but they dindn`t feel the beauty and truth of Islam and now in Kalig area people are running after this life forgetting the next .......Money and taraf(luxery) spoiled hearts and weakens faith.. Now many kuffer attitudes are adopted and some are following blindly .......(sorry for my poor English) ..... People start to follow one step of shaiytan then many steps follow :astag:........I pray that Allah help us and guide us all.