And It All Starts Here


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:tti_sister: And It All Starts Here

And it all start here, it all starts now
A beginning of change, don’t question how
Trust the Almighty, all has it’s cause
Just look around and take a pause
If you search, you will find
The answer ‘bout what’s truly behind
Behind life and behind death
What purpose we serve, the prize we can get
My brother my sister, just stop and think
It can all be gone before you even blink
Let us pray, show our gratitude
Towards those we meet never be rude
Let us fast, let us share
For Allah’s cause and so our soul can bare
Can bare all that comes in our way
The good and bad so we never go astray
And it all starts here, it all starts now
You are the change, don’t question how
May Allah give us strength!