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  • :salam2: EIDDDDDDDDDDDD MUBARAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK :blackhijab: :blackhijab::blackhijab: :blackhijab: :hijabi: :ma:
    Assalamu Alaikum sis....
    jus got ur msg lol.......yeah its been awhile
    how u doin....i was busy lately and thts y i didn come on tti
    anyhow am doin fine...alhamdulilh jus enjoyin my ramadan
    hop ur ramadn is goin wll too...salaam sis
    Wa alaykum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh sister. Thanks for your kind greeting. May Allah unite us all in paradise, amin.
    Walaykom Assalam warahmatou ALLAH dear sister,
    I hope you're in good health and you're doing well :)
    Walaikumu salam wr wbr
    alhamdulilah am doing greatt
    everythin is good...how bout u?
    our internt is not workin these dayz so cant use no computer
    hop u doin well sis
    wasalamu alaikum sty in touch
    aslam alykum aabayo \

    how r u doing ?

    is everything going great for? how come i dont see u @ school this days/? was wrong r u ok /? i hope everything is going great for u.

    love u isnino come back to sschool i missed talking to u and joking with u hope to see u soon
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