Having Prosperity & Wealth: A Tried and True Method (careful reading required!)


Hubbi Li Rabbi
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no need to be so sorry for nothing. :lol:
actually i have one more problem, this arabic doesnt look like the one i read in Pakistani qurans. is there a thread on tti which contains all the various dua's (astagfar, rabana etc) in arabic which i can read easily? If you have a pdf book containing all the various dua's in arabic with correct pronunciation (zair, zabar, mad, pesh etc), please provide it to me.

wa iyyak akhi...

I honestly do not know of one..but if your need is not absolutely urgent..I can look up something for you..I am sure there's something available in Arabic on the net in the fashion you described...I just need some time to search for it..and I will Inshallah post anything I can find for you right here and inform you of it akhi...


:jazaak: A greatly needed post :ma: Alhamdullilah sister I feel happy already.:)

Wa iyyaki ukhti...I am pleased to know of the benefit you found in it...May Allah prolong your happiness in the dunya and increase it in the akhirah by admitting you into His Jannah..Ameen!


Aisya al-Humaira

الحمدلله على كل حال
This is a thread worth of a bump occasionally, bi idnillaah.

May Allaah forbid the sadness of this world from entering our hearts and grant us peace from within. Ameen.