I have just taken my shahada now


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:mashallah: It s really best news that sister renee converted to Islam and the other news s that that sister revert guided her n make her convince it s really a huge deed for a Muslim. jazakala:jazaak: May Allah tallah also give us such strength to show others good ways to make other get well aameen.
sister renee we all know it s really tough way u will go on but remember as other brothers n sisters say there s a big reward for u n u know all ur last sins has forgiven by the time u accepted Islam. Insha Allah u do find the religion of reality n goodnes.


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Alhamdulillah! Thats fantastic news :jumpclap:, i am generally suprised and so happy for you. What was it that made you have a change of heart? PM me. Suban'Allah i had a feeling in my heart that you would take your shahadah one day. May Allah grant you Jannah and reward you in this life and the hereafter :hijabi:


La ilaha illAllah!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah, I am so happy that you are now part of this great Ummah!
May Allah reward sister revert2007 amin!
May Allah make your path in Islam easy for you, may The Exalted bless you and reward your every effort in learning Islam amin!:tti_sister:

If you need anything, let me know!:hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts:


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salaam aleikum

glad to hear it ! and this during ramadan?
sister i am proud ot u!!

welcome to the family and welcome to the right path !!
Allahu akbar!


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mashallah sister i am soo happy for you coz you have chosen the right path and you are lucky because Allah loves you and guided you to his religion. may Allah(swt) make all your affairs easy for you.


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salam alikoum sister,
welcome to islam and the website, hope you will have a nice time here, and may allah swt keep you on the right path , ameen.
wa salam alikoum


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subhanallah..am shocked, before this u say otherwise now am glad u back to truth path, and my Rever2007 sis u really done a great job, May Allah reward Jannah..ameen



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AlhamduliAllah , this post fulled my heart with joy I pray to Allah to keep faith firm in our hearts till we meet him in janna.



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YES DO INCLUDE US WHEN YOU PRAY ............... may allah bless you wow mashallah just look how islam is spreading its light all over the world subhanallah ........ALLAH HU AKBER ,ALLAH HU AKBER


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OMG!! i have tears in my eyes!! im not joking..but not tears of sadness but tears of happiness and emotions for my new muslim sis!!!
I am soooooo sooooooo SOOOOOOO happy!! U just made my day!:D
Congratz and Welcome to the amazing world of islam! Sis big tight hug* to you!!!


take care sis!!
be in touch!! May Allah Bless you and always keep you happy and away from sadness!! Ameen!!

ur sis,



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MashaAllah! Allahu Akbar!!! Welcome to Islam ukhti....the last time you had posted, i thought you were done with Islam...and this post just surprised and shocked me!!!!!! mashaAllah. welcome to Islam.
Sister Revert2007 May Allah swt reward you immensley, you have already become a da3iyat so may Allah swt make you take you near Him on the day of Judgement while pleased with you. ameen. wasalamu alaykum.


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I'm very glad and touched by your support and I am going to try my best to not let you down. I have strayed from my path many times in my life but I'm glad that I finally found my way back home to my creator Allah (swt). I am truly happy now alhamdulillah! Please pray for me to not stray away again. :tti_sister:


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congratulation sister , you take the right path alhamdolilah, may allah help you to continue

may allah help all the world to embarace Islam

hassana elkoussi

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MashaAllah dear sister Renee, this is wonderful news. It didn't seem likely that you'd take such a step after reading your last post, but alhamdulillah Allah swt has guided you to His path. Jazaky Allahu khairan sister revert 2007
for your sincere efforts, you're amazing!!!!!!!!!! May Allah accept all your deeds and keep Renee on the right path. :tti_sister: Ameen


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congratulations, mabrook sister! May Allaah always keep you guided and may He grant you the highest level of Paradise, Ameen.

InshAllaah take care and all the best to you :)


-your sister in islam.

p.s. how is life in alberta? i am a torontonian :D


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Whosoever Allah guides is the truely guided one and whosoever Allah leavs astray none can show him guidance.

Congratulations dear sister,may Allah keep you stead fast on the right way.


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:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused: I'm the last one to know ??? :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: it's just 2 days :SMILY335::SMILY335::SMILY335:

revert 2007 can you give me your secrets Da'awa ??:SMILY176::SMILY176::SMILY176::SMILY176::SMILY176:

Sister Renee welcome and Congratulation and .....Happy life incha Allaah in your Islamic way !!
mmm ok now your story !!! where is it ???