illuminati and friends


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Jazaaka Allaahu khayr. Of course I don't believe in lizard queen or whatever. I wondered why it was associated with the Illuminati though.



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what GraceB. said is right.Illuminati is a secret group.but their power comes from the "basis of the piramyde"and the basis is the population,the banks,the institutions,the Church,the rich polititians,the mafia.all those things matched together,can bring an amount of money to the top of this piramyde.the society made many steps forward thank to the help of Illuminati,which made the population "goodly" purposes to buy as many things as possible to make move the engine of business.if the "basys" of this piramyde refused to stay at the game of Illuminati,there wouldn't be any top of piramyde.but everybody (the ignorants,it's in general)loves money/luxury/career/fornication/trasgression....behind Illuminati there is Shaytan,but they already don't know that Shaytan(as a famous phrase says)"teaches us his tricks but not how to hide them":lol:


Assalaam walaikum,

I think the critical point that is missing in these threads is the worldwide economic depression.
Who they are is not important. What has been done to curtail economic growth of nations and the direction crisis that it causes billions is what we need to concentrate on.

We have an obligation as Muslims to look out for the welfare of all creation. We have to be bold and understand we need to conserve our resources. Faith is active. We need to bolster our skills to assist and aid each other and all others for the Love and Fear of Allah.

We call a spade a spade. Yes, this is the way evil is manifesting itself these days. Now, to dismiss those who are describing evil and warning others as buying into the conspiracy theories is in-itself playing into the hands of evil. Why are we allowing splitting of good.

We need to have posts on gardening. We need more posts on working with the earth. How do we provide for safe food when in the UK they are passing laws to sell cloned everything. How do we as one people protect our planet.

We need our members to explain to us how to fight the symptoms of fluoride in our water. How do we grow vegetables in containers in our homes. etc etc etc.

By stating that there are not servants of the devil we can allow the genocide of the People of Gaza. Everything is connected. We have to practice our faith. You know something about enjoying good and forbidding evil.

Our children are not going to be taught in the public school systems. It is up to us to teach.

I do not see anyone helping the sisters I see begging at the masjids. And each week the number grows. Muslim children are starving everywhere.

So I thank the sister who asked the questions.


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Salam alaikum~

The Illuminati is a very interesting topic, and to side that a topic which links to Islam.
Such verses from the Qur'an, or hadiths mention the things which Illuminati plan.

I don't understand why some people are saying "ignore Illuminati it's a whisper of shaytan". SubhanAllah, me personally learning about the Illuminati plans and so on make me think deeper about life and keep me dependent to rely on Allah alone. Surely the members of Illuminati have strayed, but from watching their footsteps gives us a chance to never follow that path.

To be honest the only peace in this earth is Islam which they plan to take as well...

I like threads like these, they wake people up to the real world; know what is really going on in this beautiful dunya - stepped on by evil transgressors.

We all surely know that Allah alone knows and we do not. He above owns every atom and they will come to know. May Allah forgive us imperfect humans who have sometimes the most arrogant, ignorant or transgressing thoughts. Amin


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I agree with Aapa because whatever the illuminati do and plan affects us muslims directly or indirectly. Their main aim is to divide us muslims internally under the banners of sects, nationalities , color , and much more, basically divide and rule.

WE must stay united as one muslim ummah rather than sunnis or shias


I'm not what you believe
this sect has already invonveld many people(consciounsly or not)through the television.many subliminal messages are hidden in music,films,cartoons,slogans...almost everybody is consequence if for example on tv it's often showen a slogan against the war and as subliminal message there is a woman in niqab with a gun in her hands,then the most part of the watchers will want to ban niqab.the weak people are more influenceable,so it's true,behind Illuminati there's Shaytan.Please,give a look at some videos on you tube about sexual subliminal messages in cartoons and slogans!or watch at the video of Lady Ga Ga "Paparazzi".or listen to he words president Obama said(Yes,we can)and listen them with the revertion mode.the symbols of Illuminati are everywhere and a weak mind can be led to chase the evil.