Never judge a book by its cover...


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I found this piece somewhere and just wanted to share it.

A brother I know spoke to someone recently who resembled Usamah Bin Laden, but a whiter version (probably Christian once). He had tattoos over his arm and porbably much more. He had a proper Sunnah beard and Zulfah (long hair). He said to him (probably as a joke), "Bruv, did anyone tell you that you look like Bin Laden?" The man answered with a smile, "Yea I have been told that. I'm a Mosque teacher."

He reverted to Islam some years before. Suprised with the answer, the brother said to the man, "So you're a Muslim, Subhaanallah. Brother how comes you don't remove the tattoos?"

The man replied, "Why would I remove the tattoos which would be so costly when I can spend that money in the path of Allah!"

He felt sincerety in that reply and I have to admit that if I was to see tattoos like that, it would never cross my mind that the reason he still has them is for a pure cause like that. May Allah reward his intentions and naturally remove those Tattoos through His infinite powers. Ameen
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I want to just add some advice here:
Ofcourse like the title says never judge a book by it cover,
If we ever see someone doing or saying something bad never say that he is a sinner or a bad person,
instead say that the action he is doin is bad (...and try to do something about it ie stop him or give him advice etc).
Let Allah be the judge

Personally i think it is a very bad accusation when people say things like 'you are a lyier' (sorry-forgot how to spell this word)
or 'you will go to hell for doing that'
We all know that Allah is all-forgiving, he can forgive whomsoever he wants, so how can we finalise somebody's badlaah (punishment, etc), what gives us the right to??
Please Please let Allah be the judge​

Wassalaam :)