Palestinian Student Interrupts Obama's Speech in Jerusalem!


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Assalam 'Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh


A Palestinian student ( Rabei Eid) interrupts Obama speech in Jerusalem asking him, "Have you came here for peace or to give Israel more weapons to kill Palestinians?"

He continued saying, "Have you seen the apartheid wall on your way to here?" And added "This country should be for all of its citizens not only for the Jewish people."

He also added, "Who killed Rachel Corri? Rachel was killed by your money and weapons!"

Pray for the young brother as he was arrested immediately by Zionists after interrupting Obama speech and asking him about peace.

sister herb

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Salam alaykum

Of course he was arrested. Telling the truth is same than anti-Semitism and terrorism. Zionists have even arrested cartoonists whose have told the truth by they cartoons.

ouddene bouziane

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our problem is not in our citizents
alhamd lillah
we have a lot of courageous. talents and potentiel capacities
our main problem is with our rullers who do nothing. in contrast. they stand against their citizents aspirations.

Fatima Amenda

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Free speech is only allowed when a person agrees with the government policy or if corporate money and power is involved to wave their lawyers number around, any debate from the people... labelled

Democracy "astateofsocietycharacterizedbyformalequalityofrightsand privileges." Can someone point me where this actually happens?

Fatima Amenda

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Suban'Allah, this just hit the news fan in Canada emphasizing the lack of democracy we really have, this coming from within our own majority government MP's. Although I caught this headline briefly on the top news stories on the Tv this morning, when I opened up the two top online news media in our country this wasn't even highlighted, I had to Google some key words to find it. When did the word Democracy become a Verb? When did Democracy even become a defined word? When did Democracy even become a word period! Is it even a real action word?