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i introduced myself two days ago and i hope this is the correct section for this post
as i mentioned i read the quran 3.5 years ago and have been asking these questions since then with no answers
i ask these with respect and genuine curiousity

The questions are:

1 Why is Mohammed called a Prophet when he has apparently not prophesised anything?

2 Why is the quran such a small book after 23 years of so called revelation?

3 Why is the quran so incredibly repetitive?

4 What miracles did Mohammed actually perform?

5 WHY, do muslims think they need to pray to mecca when God is everywhere and actually the earliest doscovered mosques were directed towards Palestine?

6 Why do Muslims and many other religious people think the enemy is other people?

7 What NEW Wisdom (no scientific knowledge is not the same as wisdom so) is in the quran that was not already in the Holy Bible?

8 WHY is the koran supposed to be only beautiful in Arabic?

9 WHY IS mohammed not in the line from Noah down through Solomon to Jesus not from the Same line as any other prophet?

10 WHY, when the Bible is apparently a complete Book about this eternity and this universe and the whole history of life did we even need an extra book?

I look forward tosome high spiritual answers

In peace and respect


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Well I won’t be able to answer all of your questions but I will try to answer maybe one.

Water flowing from the Prophet's fingers
We are told by the companions that water flowed and gushed through Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)'s fingers. Abdullah ibn Masud said the following: "While we regard these amazing aspects of his as a bounty, you consider him to be frightening. Once we were beside the Prophet and we had only a little water left. He said, ‘Find me some water.' They found a bucket in which there was hardly any water. He put his hands into the water and commanded as follows: ‘Come to the sacred water, fertility comes from Allah.' I saw the water gushing through the fingers of the Prophet." (Fathul-Bari, 3579)
Jabir's meal
Jabir ibn Abdullah said: "When the trench (during the Battle of the Trenches) was dug, I saw that the Prophet was extremely hungry. So I returned to my wife and asked, "Have you got anything to eat?" We had a domestic animal which I then slaughtered, and my wife ground the barley and finished around the time I finished my task.
Then I cut the meat into pieces and put it in an earthenware cooking pot, and returned to the Prophet. I went to him and said to him, "O Allah's Prophet! I have slaughtered an animal of ours, and we had some barley bread. So please come, you and another person along with you." The Prophet announced, "Let us go." The Prophet said to me, "Don't remove your earthenware meat pot from the fireplace or bake your dough until I come." So I went home and the Prophet came too, leading other people. He said: "Keep on taking out scoops from your earthenware pot, and do not remove it from the fireplace." They were one thousand people who ate with us, and by Allah they all ate, and when they left, our earthenware pot was still bubbling full of meat as if it had not decreased any, and our bread was still being baked as if nothing had been taken from it. (Bukhâri, 4/90, 5/138; Muslim: 13/216)
Umm Sulaym's Jar
An account by Anas's mother states: "We had a sheep. I would collect the buttermilk from it and put it into an earthenware jar. Eventually the jar was filled. I gave the jar to Zaynab, my servant, and told her to take it to the Prophet for him to eat."
The girl took the jar to the Prophet and the jar was returned after being emptied into another container. The girl brought the jar back to house. She hung the jar on the wall because Umm Sulaym was not at home. When Umm Sulaym returned home, she realized that the jar was hanging and it was full of buttermilk and it was dripping on the floor. She said to servant girl: "I told you to take this jar to the Prophet!" The girl answered: "I took the jar to the Prophet. If you don't believe me, than let's go to his home together."
Umm Sulaym went to the Prophet's home with the servant girl and said to him: "O Prophet; I sent you a jar full of butter with this girl." The Prophet answered: "Yes, the girl brought the jar."
Umm Sulaym said, puzzled: "I swear by Allah Who sent you as a prophet with His Religion and Mercy that the jar was filled with butter when it was returned. It was even overflowing." In response to this Prophet Muhammad said: "Are you surprised? Allah feeds you as He feeds His prophet." (Bukhâri, 4/251 - 5/62; Muslim, 17/145; Ahmad b. Hanbal's Musned: 5/204)
Throughout history, people have requested miracles from the messengers that had been sent to them to help them to believe. Allah supported some prophets with miracles and enabled them to perform these miracles.
The miracles of the last Prophet were also the results of Allah's assistance and grace. Miracles are proofs that strengthen the faith of the believers and which invite the nonbelievers to faith.

I would like you to read the Quran again because the greatest miracle that Allah (ALMIGHTY GOD) had given Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him is the Quran.


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Mash'Allah brother Ayman.

Isn't it funny that people think we are so stupid as to not detect a confrontational form of questioning so they can basically couch an argument as a question?


La Illaha Illa Allah
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@ freetruthseeker..

I think it would benefit you if you read the Quran again. Most of the questions you have posed here could have been answered yourself after a thorough read.

And remember that many set out to seek the truth. However, few humble themselves and carry it out honestly & sincerely.

I wish you success in your quest for the truth.. Have a nice day

dont stress this too much, I knew it was coming from this new user.

his post quoted:
Hello to all here

I have read the quran getting on for 4 years ago and it raised many questions for me.

I have asked many Muslims since then for answers to some that have not been answered to date.
do hope I can get at least one or two of them answered here but I have doubts about this after all this time.
I am not a muslim and I expect I will not become one but equally I do not belive in macro evolution nor in a big bang and never expect that we will meet alien life.
I am certain there is a grand designer and the more I see of the amazing diverstity of life on this planet the more I believe this

I hope I am made welcome here

when someone is not making peace with himself and God, they have serious issues.

op, the bible was never sent down in English, it was Aramaic. The words of that language lost "value and deep understanding". This isn't the case with Arabic.

old saying, "His back is itching" now think Umar Khataab, ra :)



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Intentions are in the heart, and only Allaah can judge this. We say if your intentions are bad then may Allaah rid us of you. And if your intentions are good, then may Allaah guide you to the truth.

I am not a learned Muslim, I don't pretend to be. I might be able to shed some light however based on my limited knowledge to some questions you ask.

1 Why is Mohammed called a Prophet when he has apparently not prophesised anything?

Prophet is a translation of the Arabic word "Nabi". The best translation of the word nabi that I can think of is: warner. Someone who is warning of something, or informing of something that is about to happen or that will happen. Muhammad :saw: was more than a nabi, he :saw: was a messenger. A messenger is one who is entrusted with a message, and he :saw: was entrusted with the most important message of all: the message of Islam.

The word Prophecy has two meanings: predicting things that will come or divine revelation. Just to clear this fact up and not a point of discussion.

The Messenger :saw: had divine revelation, and at the same time he prophecised many things. The two most obvious are Heaven and Hell. It was revealed to him that there is only one path to eternal salvation. He also prophecised of the punishment in the grave, of the day of Judgment. Those are major prophecies, there were many others as well. There are prophecies he spoke of that we are witnessing today. Others that were witnessed in the past. And the future still holds many prophecies until the day of Judgment.

2 Why is the quran such a small book after 23 years of so called revelation?

Why does it have to be big? Allaah willed for it to be so many words and letters. If He wished He could have made it a million pages.

Allaah does as He pleases so I won't pretend to explain His actions. Over the 23 year period the Quran was revealed based on events and situations that took place. It was and still is a practical guide on how a Muslim should live. It has from every example imaginable, it tells the best of stories, it contains powerful words of wisdom and knowledge for those who understand it.

3 Why is the quran so incredibly repetitive?

Again it is not for me or any one else to question Allaah's will in anything He does. The purpose of the Quran is to be a source of light and guidance for the believers and non-believers. A timeless book beneficial to every man, woman, and child. Even those who don't understand arabic find it brings comfort and tranquility to their hearts upon its recitation.

Allaah says, the translation of the meaning of the verses:

It is He who has sent down to you, [O Muhammad], the Book; in it are verses [that are] precise - they are the foundation of the Book - and others unspecific. As for those in whose hearts is deviation [from truth], they will follow that of it which is unspecific, seeking discord and seeking an interpretation [suitable to them]. And no one knows its [true] interpretation except Allah. But those firm in knowledge say, "We believe in it. All [of it] is from our Lord." And no one will be reminded except those of understanding.

The Quran is laid out exactly as Allaah spoke it to His angels. Some of it is repeated as a reminder, sometimes out of importance, sometimes for reasons we do not comprehend. The Quran is the most complex and incredible piece of arabic literature ever witnessed. There are lessons in it for every author.

4 What miracles did Mohammed actually perform?

There were many miracles granted to Mohammed :saw:. The Quran was the single greatest miracle given to any prophet. After this there were other minor ones. Allaah caused water to gush from his hands and all his companions drank from it. He :saw: was blessed and anything and everything to do with him was blessed. He :saw: was made invisible to some who came to kill him once. He :saw: traveled from Mecca to Jerusalem and then to the seventh heaven and back again to Jerusalam and Mecca in a very short time period. He :saw: was granted almost everything he requested of Allaah. He :saw: was also given great beauty, a beautiful voice, a perfect figure, perfect character, great wisdom, and great physical strength. He was as close to the perfect human being as one could imagine: Allaah declared him the best of creation. He :saw: also had "jami-ul kalam" meaning he would speak very little, and whatever little he spoke carried much purpose and many meanings. Allaah :saw: caused the moon to split for Muhammad :saw: while everyone was observing. During his birth, a powerful light was emitted from the womb of his mother.

Anyways, I missed a lot and the list is not in chronological order but he :saw: was given miracles just like every prophet is.

5 WHY, do muslims think they need to pray to mecca when God is everywhere and actually the earliest doscovered mosques were directed towards Palestine?

Initially Allaah wanted the Muslims to face Jerusalem, and once the Jews increased their attacks on the Muslims and started using this as an argument Allaah revealed to Muhammad that he should face the Kabaa in his prayers. And from that day on, that's the direction Muslims face. It's a well documented event in the Quran.

We have certainly seen the turning of your face, [O Muhammad], toward the heaven, and We will surely turn you to a qiblah with which you will be pleased. So turn your face toward al-Masjid al-Haram. And wherever you [believers] are, turn your faces toward it [in prayer]. Indeed, those who have been given the Scripture well know that it is the truth from their Lord. And Allah is not unaware of what they do.

The wisdom behind this is with Allaah, but it was a test for the hypocrites: would they follow Muhammad or would they follow their desires? As Allaah says, the meanings of the translation of the verses:

And thus we have made you a just community that you will be witnesses over the people and the Messenger will be a witness over you. And We did not make the qiblah which you used to face except that We might make evident who would follow the Messenger from who would turn back on his heels. And indeed, it is difficult except for those whom Allah has guided. And never would Allah have caused you to lose your faith. Indeed Allah is, to the people, Kind and Merciful

6 Why do Muslims and many other religious people think the enemy is other people?

This is a blanket statement that is unfocused and ambiguous. Generally, if I follow a set of beliefs I only follow them because I deem them to be correct. Meaning, every other set of beliefs that contradicts with what I believe in is false. I cannot make the choice to believe in Islam, and Judaism, and Chrisitianity and be taken seriously. The hereafter is not a joke, and if you ask me will non-Muslims go to heaven I will tell you what Allaah said, the translation of the meanings:

And whoever desires other than Islam as religion - never will it be accepted from him, and he, in the Hereafter, will be among the losers.

We are all equals on this world except in our beliefs.

7 What NEW Wisdom (no scientific knowledge is not the same as wisdom so) is in the quran that was not already in the Holy Bible?

The Bible, and Christianity in general, was revealed to the Sons of Israel. That group of people who left Egypt with Moses 'alaihi as-salaam. Everything about that religion was for that nation alone and anyone else who wished to follow it.

The Quran and Islam and Muhammad :saw: were sent to all of humanity. A single message to unit the world, lead them to peace, and guide them to ultimate success in the hereafter.

We believe in the Bible, and the Torah and all the Prophets sent by Allaah (Ibrahim, Moses, Jesus and all the others). In fact, no person could claim to be Muslim if they disbelieved in any of these. However, we do not follow what is in the Bible because we have that which is similar, but many times better. The Bible was not preserved neither in content nor in language. It was translated from hebrew into latin then many other times after that. During its compilation things were added and things were removed as influential religious figures saw fit. Up to this day they continue to make modifications to the bibles.

We follow the Quran. If there is anything in the other scriptures that matches what is found in the Quran we accept it. Anything else, we reject as either something that was added or not applicable to us.

I never read the Bible, so I am not aware of what it's missing that is found in the Quran. Dr Zakir Naik is the one to respond to this :)

8 WHY is the koran supposed to be only beautiful in Arabic?

The Arabic language is superior to many other languages in many different aspects. Allaah chose Arabic as the language of revelation, and the Quran is in the best form of Arabic. The Quran was revealed in a time when Arabic was at it's prime in the way it was spoken and the way it was written. It came as a challenge to them, if they truly believed it was not revelation then let them come forth with something equal or better. Of course they failed and the challenge still stands for anyone who doubts the Quran.

The most read book in the world? That should tell us something.

9 WHY IS mohammed not in the line from Noah down through Solomon to Jesus not from the Same line as any other prophet?

Noah is the father of all humans alive today. In Islam, we know that everyone who was alive in the world and who was a non-believer drowned in the great flood. Only Noah and the believers survived, but Noah was the only man given the honour of having offspring. Hence, all the prophets are descendants of Noah.

Ibrahim (Abraham) is known as the father of the prophets because many of his sons, grand sons, great grand sons, great great grand sons and so on all were prophets. Muhammad :saw:, just like Jesus and Moses (although from different branches), is a descendant of Ibrahim alaiyhi as-salaam.

10 WHY, when the Bible is apparently a complete Book about this eternity and this universe and the whole history of life did we even need an extra book?

This was answered in a few of the answers to the previous questions.

And Allaah knows best.


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why is the sky blue?
why is 1 + 1 = 2, but 1 +1 + 1 = 3 for over a billion people?

anyways here are your answers

1) Quraan is the word of God. There are some prophecies in it. However, for prophecies from Muhammad (saw) you should read hadith.

2) small is a relative term, what are you comparing quraan to?
for eg. bible has been written, translated, concocted, edited, (+ - x / a few times the terms translation, editions, interpretations) over 2000 yrs and you get the modern day bible so its no wonder that its much thicker than the quraan. plz read the works of Bart D. Ehrman to get an idea of the manipulations in the bible.

3) because it's a reminder, warning and guidance. It's good to repeat it so that people dont forget it.

4) many can be found in hadith; you should read hadith in conjunction with quraan.

5) God is not everywhere, He is above the heavens. You should read the quraan again because apparently you got this part wrong despite quraan's repetitive nature!
We face Mecca because God told us so. Initially the muslims faced Jerusalem because God had directed them to do so.

6) Those who disobey Allah and disbelieve in Islam are unwelcome. However, they are not the enemy as long as they dont attack the muslims, oppress the innocent or stop the free preaching and practice of Islam.

7) what do you mean by wisdom?

8) Quraan is God's speech, incomparable to anything else.

9) Because he is a descendant of Ishmael (as) the elder son of Ibrahim (as) and elder brother of Isaac (as). Dont you think Elder brother and his descendants have a greater right to be followed?

10) because the bible has been corrupted by the rabbis and priests. Besides we dont know who the hell john, Luke, Paul and others were, what was their character, how much time they spent with Jesus etc so they cant be trusted. In fat it cannot be proven if these men even existed!

On the other hand we have so much information (linage, historical events, scholarly work) about the companions of Muhammad (saw) that it could fill several libraries. All the sources of the Islamic texts can be traced back to them. you can actually find the graves of Muhmmad (saw) and his companions even today.


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My name is Jennifer Giove and I am an American Indian, who was born and raised in America, who is not a Muslim and has no intentions of becoming a Muslim. I do however, intend to learn truth. Honestly and hopefully, Inshallah (God Willing), with humility.

When I saw your post, I too was suspicious of you. I came here after I learned what I could on my own. I could learn no further without actually meeting and speaking with the ones who live and believe every moment in Islam and the teachings of Muhammad PBUH (Peace Be Upon Him). Because I wanted to actually learn, and not gain proof against Islam, I am now starting to be seen for who I am, and not for where I live. You asked:
6 Why do Muslims and many other religious people think the enemy is other people?
I say that belief is a powerful, powerful thing. How many Indians were decimated because the early 'bible-thumping, god-fearing Christians' looked at a people they knew nothing about and were afraid to learn about? What of the Knight's Templar and their quest for the holy grail? What of the communists during Vet-Nam or Hitler during WW2? Where there are people, there is war. It is up to us, as individuals, those who really want to have peace, to strive each day not contribute to the wheel of hate. My grandfather on my father's side was a German Jew, my grandmother....a German Christian. HER family...supported Hitler. She left her mother and father because of love and because it was right. I hope I carry her teachings in my heart well. I hope she would be proud.

You asked:
2 Why is the quran such a small book after 23 years of so called revelation?

Ayman1 is a better man than I for how patiently he answered you. I hope Creator (one of the 99 beautiful names of Allah and what indians call him) remembers him for his patience. I was angered at how you phrased this question (and many of your other questions). What's the old saying: "You attract more flies with honey than vinegar." I've also noticed how small a book the Qur'an is compared to the bible. I marvel at it! So far, I can remember 3 ayat (verses) in the Qur'an. Not word for, that takes practice, but then, so does the "Lord's Prayer" or the 10 Commandments. No, I remember what they teach. Maybe I'll one day remember the entire Qur'an. Muslims can. Can you remember the entire bible, word for word? What a wonderful gift it must be to remember your own sacred text word for word. No matter where you are, you can always 'read' the book by just removing it from the bookshelf of your heart. Have you listened to a recitation? I have, many many times. I can even start to pick out certain words. Please, do a search on youtube and listen to the music that is in the words. It is quite lyrical.

Ayman1 was also is thick headed! While it can be annoying to read the same words over and over and over and over again, many times did you have to repeat the alphabet in school before you learned it? Or your multiplication tables?

As for the lineage of Muhammad (pbuh), what would you say if I told you that he was the distant cousin of Christ? That's right. Did I learn this from Muslims? Nope. I learned this one my own, before I ever came here. Allow me to elaborate. In the book "The Religions Of Man" by Huston Smith published in 1986, he says this:

Abraham marries Sarah. Sarah has no son and Abraham, wanting to continue his line, takes Hagar for his wife as well. Hagar bears him a son, Ishmael, whereupon Sarah also has a son named Isaac. Sarah then demands that Abraham banish Ishmael and Hager from the tribe. Here we come to the first divergence between the Koranic and Biblical accounts. Accourding to the Koran, Ishmael goes to Mecca. His descendants, growing up in Arabia, are Muslims whereas those of Isaac, who remain in Palestine, are Jews.

So, genealogically, Jesus and Mohammad are distant blood.

A few sentences back we read:
The descendants of Shem (son of Noah if you recall) ..are traced to Abraham and still we are within common tradition. Indeed, it was the submission of Abraham in the supreme test, the attempted sacrifice of his son described in the Koran (AND THE BIBLE) by the verb aslama, that appears to have provided Islam with its name.

If you are an American, which I suspect you are, then you came here around the aniversary of 9/11. Lemme tell you my story of 9/11. My husband is a Federal Security Officer. (For my Brother's and Sister's here, that is nothing more than a government paid security guard). At the time of 9/11, we were not married but we were an engaged couple. He worked the overnight shift at a military base in Rhode Island. I had just finished showering and was drinking my coffee, watching the national news when the first plane hit. Good Morning America, naturally, changed to cover the 'breaking news'. I watched, live, on tv, as the second plane hit and then the pentagon and then the horrible horrible news that the passangers themselves crashed the plane instead of allowing it to continue to fly to Washington...thinking that the people who had taken over the plane were intending to crash it into the White House itself. Because of these events, my husband had to stay at work for 4 days. Wearing the same clothes, eating cold sandwiches and sleeping on a couch because the base he worked at was an important one.

I also have a friend who, as a firefighter, entered the Twin Towers. He can barely speak of the horror he saw.

So, Freetruthseeker, you can not tell me that I do not understand. I suspect you came here looking for a fight. You won't find one. Those who know truth and seek truth and believe that truth will always win over lies....stand together. Muslim and Non-Muslim alike.

When you decide that truth matters, come back and we will be waiting.

Salam (peace be with you)


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Hello freetruthseeker.

There have already been very good responses to your questions. I especially enjoyed some of weakslave's responses. Also, as another brother suggested, you should re-read the Quran, a lot of your answers are already in it.

About question 8, everyone has answered it already. It is the most beautiful in Arabic, there is a form of poetry in it that a reader will miss out if they read translations of it, which can only be done to the best of a human's ability. I'd like to add that even in English, the beauty of the Quran is apparent.