When you smoke, you can become addicted to, or not able to function without nicotine. By definition: nicotine is a colorless, poisonous alkaloid, derived from the tobacco plant and used as an insecticide. It is the substance in tobacco in which smokers can become addicted. Nicotine is as habit-forming as the drugs heroin and cocaine. Over time, you may have problems with your teeth and gums; staining on your teeth, fingers, and fingernails; bad breath; and wrinkling skin. There are also other, more serious health problems caused by smoking, such as:

· Lung cancer and other lung diseases, such as emphysema and chronic bronchitis

· Other kinds of cancer, such as cancer of the throat, mouth, esophagus (food pipe), pancreas, kidney, bladder, and cervix (opening to the uterus or womb)

· Atherosclerosis - clogged and narrowed arteries

· Heart disease

· Heart attack

· Stroke

· Early menopause - the stopping of menstrual periods

· Osteoporosis - the thinning and weakening of bones

· Infertility - problems getting pregnant

· Problems during pregnancy like miscarriage, early or premature birth, having an infant born with low birth weight, stillbirth, and even infant death


is a habit. Is it good or bad, allowed (halaal) or prohibited (haraam)? Let us see the ruling of Allah Almighty and what medicine said about it, this “evil weed, cancer stick, coffin nails.”

Allah said in the Quran:

“Spend your wealth for the way of Allah, and do not throw yourselves with your own hands into destruction. and do good; indeed Allah loves the doers of good ” surah 2 verse#195

Allah also said:

“O Mankind! Eat from whatever is on earth that is lawful and good and do not follow the footsteps of Satan. Indeed, he is to you a clear enemy” surah 2 verse # 168

We as Muslims are advised to cherish our health before our wealth. Allah has given us our bodies to house the soul and worship him without partners. Cigarette addiction is a device to shorten life. Nicotine consumption is habit forming to say the least. It is an anti-depressant and mild sedative, As old folks say: “It calms my nerves.” But actually the opposite. Smoking is a waste of time and money.

The Islamic Scholars have said that Cigarette Smoking is prohibited (Haraam).We are instructed in Qur’an & Hadith not to imbibe anything harmful to the body. In the same manner that we abhor Drugs and Alcohol, We should view cigarette smoking in the same light.

Allah said in the Quran:

“Those who follow the Messenger, the unlettered prophet, whom they find written in what they have of the Torah and the Gospel, who enjoins upon them what is right and forbids them what is wrong and makes lawful for them the good things and prohibits for them the evil. ” surah 7 verse#157

Let us calculate how much Muslims spend yearly for smoking. If every Muslim spends two dollars a day for cigarettes, we would waste two billion dollars a day. This big money would build houses, mosques, schools, hospitals, factories, etc.., and you would not see any poor Muslim in the world; unfortunately, we do not follow the real teaching, of Islam.


1. Total World Population: 6.5 Billion

2. Total Muslims in the world: 2 Billion

3. Total Smokers in the world: 1.15 billion

4. Total Muslim smokers in the world: 400 million

5. Largest Cigarette maker is Phillip Morris

6. Phillip Morris donates 12% profits to Israel

7. Total Muslim money to Morris $800 million DAILY

8. Average profit margin is 10%

9. Average profit for Morris is $80 million DAILY

10. Thus $9.6 million of Muslim money goes to Israel every single DAY !!!!!!!!!!!


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That's why it was so upsetting to me when I landed in the Holy city of Medina (for Hajj), to see many officials smoking. The bus driver taking us to Mecca was also smoking even though we had on our Ihrams, which should not have any scent. He refused to stop even though many were pleading with him to stop. I wish the Saudi authorities would do something about this.



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so israel an enemy??? it was on the list of bad stuff that cigs do and whatnot and i thought that if the person who wrote thought thought that israel was an enemy......



5. Largest Cigarette maker is Phillip Morris

6. Phillip Morris donates 12% profits to Israel

7. Total Muslim money to Morris $800 million DAILY

8. Average profit margin is 10%

9. Average profit for Morris is $80 million DAILY

10. Thus $9.6 million of Muslim money goes to Israel every single DAY !!!!!!!!!!!

whos killing the innocent palestinian brothers and sisters...everyone knows its ISRAEL..
if (inshallah) i go for jihad the place will be palestine...


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wallahi :( i don't smoke cigarrs and probabily never will, audubillahh,, with every smoke we hurt one more filistin kid, :( !!


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What does smoking and Israel have in common? From my perspective, nothing.

It said in the statistics that Phillip Morris is the largest cigarette company, and they donate a portion of their profits to Israel. So it's inevitable that some of those 400 million Muslims who smoke do buy cigarettes manufactured by Phillip Morris and therefore do end up unknowingly giving money to Israel.

I had no idea they sent money to Israel. I think the fact that smoking is haram should be reason enough for Muslims to not smoke, and all the nasty physical side effects. Unfortunately I think a lot of Muslims who smoke don't care about whether or not it's haram...


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Bissmillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

Assalamo Alaikum all

Good job. You have enlightening Muslim towards a forbidden truth.

I would take this opportunity to further add another point i.e Uncleanliness caused by Smoking :

In Islam cleanliness is very much emphasized such that it has been considered a part of Iman (faith). It is very well known that a smoker's mouth is unclean and foul smelling "like a cigarette ash-tray".

Abu Malik at-Ash'ari (Radi Allah Anhu) reported:

The Messenger of Allah (sal-allahu- alleihi-wasallam ) said: Cleanliness is half of faith….
(Sahih Muslim : Book 2, Kitab Al-Taharah, Number 432)

Truly Allah love those who turn unto Him , and love those who have a care for cleanness.
( Surah Al-Baqarah : Ayah 222)

Spendthrift (spending money recklessly or wastefully):

Through a study it is noted that smokers spent an average of 60% of their personal income and 17% of household income on cigarettes. All this money is simply wasted and is no use.

Lo! the squanderers were ever brothers of the devils , and the devil was ever an ingrate to his Lord.
(Sura Isra, Ayah 27)

Lo!= Used to attract attention or to show surprise.

Squanderers= To spend wastefully or extravagantly

Hence all the Muslim who believe in one GOD i.e ALLAH and follows the footstep of last messenger of ALLAH(PBUH) should quit Smoking as it is HARAM.The best way to give it up is to stop all smoking completely. Tapering off on the amount one smokes does not work for most people. It is not easy to quit suddenly, but it is presently the most successful way. But for the Muslims who sincerely practice Islam and who submit themselves to the Will of Allah, this should not be a difficult task. ..


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Is smoking haram??

It said in the statistics that Phillip Morris is the largest cigarette company, and they donate a portion of their profits to Israel. So it's inevitable that some of those 400 million Muslims who smoke do buy cigarettes manufactured by Phillip Morris and therefore do end up unknowingly giving money to Israel.

I had no idea they sent money to Israel. I think the fact that smoking is haram should be reason enough for Muslims to not smoke, and all the nasty physical side effects. Unfortunately I think a lot of Muslims who smoke don't care about whether or not it's haram...


What is the ruling regarding smoking?

It is not necessary that every cigarette that is sold in the market is made by Philip Morris. There are many other companies.

I am not promoting smoking. I know its ill effects.

But I want to know is it really haram?


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I think smoking is a disgusting habit and I particularly am not happy when I see people smoking in enclosed buildings around young children :( However, I thought that smoking in Islam fell under the category of something "extremely disliked" but not to the point of being absolutely haram?? Is there a fatwa on this, please? :)

Here in Paris, it is much different from the States, people are smoking like fiends everywhere, ugghhh! I know it is the same in my hometown of Dublin, Ireland.

That is interesting about Philip Morris, I did not know they were also tied into supporting Israel. Where did you get the percentage of their profit that they send to Israel, just for good order? The USA sends 10 - 15 million dollars per day out of taxpayers money and few know that.... Another one of Washington's ugly little secrets.... Mind you, most Americans don't even understand the Zionist occupation of Palestine as the truth is not seen on mainstream media..... So that news would probably fall on deaf ears for the most part :(

Jazak Allahu Khair for sharing.... Whether smoking is haram or extremely disliked in Islam, I would encourage any young person to avoid cigarettes as once they start smoking, the addiction is a terrible thing to conquer.



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Smoking is Forbidden

Most Muslims are aware of and try to avoid the major sins in Islam - murder, suicide, adultery, alcohol, gambling, usury, etc. Muslims are forbidden to harm themselves or others. Yet millions of Muslims all over the world are doing just that - harming, even killing themselves and their families. Islamic scholars have historically had mixed views about tobacco, and until recently, cigarette smoking has not been unanimously forbidden or even discouraged.

The mixed views on the subject came about because cigarettes are a more recent invention and did not exist at the time of the revelation of the Qur'an in the 7th century A.D. Therefore, one cannot find a verse of Qur'an or words of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) saying clearly that "Cigarette smoking is forbidden." However, there are many instances where the Qur'an gives us general guidelines, and calls upon us to use our reason and intelligence, and seek guidance from Allah about what is right and wrong. In the Qur'an, Allah says, “...he [the Prophet] commands them what is just, and forbids them what is evil; he allows them as lawful what is good, and prohibits them from what is bad..." (Surah al-Ar’af 7:157). So what are the evils of tobacco use, for your health and for your deen (religion)?

1. Danger to your health

Allah says, "...make not your own hands contribute to your destruction..." (Surah al-Baqarah 2:195); "...nor kill yourselves..." (Surah al-Nisaa 4:29). It is universally understood that cigarette smoking causes a number of health problems that often ultimately result in death. Men who smoke contract lung cancer at 22 times the rate of non-smokers. Smokers are also highly at risk for heart disease, emphysema, oral cancer, stroke, etc. There are hundreds of poisonous and toxic ingredients in the cigarette itself that the smoker inhales straight into the lungs. In an authentic hadith, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that "Whomsoever drinks poison, thereby killing himself, will sip this poison forever and ever in the fire of Jahannum (Hell)." Over 3 million people worldwide die from smoking-related causes each year.

2. Danger to your family's health

In the Qur'an, Allah says: "Those who annoy believing men and women undeservedly bear on themselves a glaring sin" (Surat al-Ahzaab 33:58). And the Prophet (peace be upon him) said that "there should be neither harming, nor reciprocating harm.” In another hadith, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "Anyone who believes in Allah and the Last Day should not hurt his neighbor." Those around the smoker inhale what is known as "second-hand smoke" - the unfiltered, poisonous waste that goes in the air around the smoker. There are over 4,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke, over 40 of which are known to cause cancer. Second-hand smoke causes or aggravates asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory problems, especially in children.

3. Addictive

The addiction to tobacco is a physical response that often interferes with one's life and worship. For example, smoking is clearly forbidden during the daytime fast of Ramadan. Many addicted smokers spend their fasting days sleeping, cranky, and short-tempered, just counting the hours until they can have their fix at sunset. The most severely addicted will wait outside the mosque door for the adhan, and break their fast by lighting up, before taking even food or water.

4. Noxious Smell

Muslims are advised to refrain from eating raw onions and garlic - simply as a courtesy to those around them because of the awful smell. The same goes even more so for the reek of cigarettes, which permeates everything around the smoker - hair, clothing, home, car, etc. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Whoever has eaten from such greens as garlic, onions or leek should keep away from our mosque.” Many smokers try to hide the smell by using breath mints or perfume. This does not get rid of the smell, it only masks it. Often the combination of smells is even more nauseating.

5. Waste of Money

Allah says, "...But spend not wastefully (your wealth) in the manner of a spendthrift. Verily spendthrifts are brothers of the devils...” {Surah al-Israa’ 17:26-27} And in an authentic hadith the Prophet (peace be upon him) said that: "Allah hates for you three things: gossiping, begging, and wasting money." In the U.S. and other countries, cigarettes are taxed heavily in order to discourage this habit and reimburse the government for the overwhelming health care costs to care for those afflicted with diseases caused by smoking. Smokers often spend thousands of dollars a year that literally just go up in smoke.

Recent Opinions of Scholars

In more recent times, as these dangers of tobacco use have come to be proven beyond any doubt, scholars have become more unanimous in pronouncing tobacco use clearly haram (forbidden) to believers. They now use the strongest terms to condemn this habit. For example: "In view of the harm caused by tobacco, growing, trading in and smoking of tobacco are judged to be haram (forbidden). The Prophet, peace be upon him, is reported to have said, 'Do not harm yourselves or others.' Furthermore, tobacco is unwholesome, and God says in the Qur'an that the Prophet, peace be upon him, 'enjoins upon them that which is good and pure, and forbids them that which is unwholesome'" (Permanent Committee of Academic Research and Fatwa, Saudi Arabia).

How to Quit?

As mentioned, one of the dangers of tobacco is that it is so addicting. It causes a physical response in your body when you try to give it up. Therefore, quitting is often difficult. However, with the help of Allah and the personal commitment to improve yourself for the sake of Allah, and for your own health, it is possible. It is first recommended to make the firm intention, from deep in your heart, to give up this evil habit. Trust in Allah's words: "...When you have taken a decision, put your trust in Allah. For Allah loves those who put their trust in Him. If Allah help you, none can overcome you; if He forsakes you, who is - after that - that can help you? In Allah, then, let believers put their trust" (Surah Al-'lmran 3:159-160).

Secondly, one must avoid situations where you are used to smoking, and people who do so around you. For example, if you have certain friends who gather together to smoke, make a choice to stay away from that environment for the time being. At a vulnerable stage, it is too easy to get sucked back in by having "just one." Remember, tobacco causes a physical addiction and you must stay away completely. Drink a lot of water and keep yourself busy in other endeavors. Spend time in the mosque. Play sports. And remember the words of Allah: "And those who strive hard in Our Cause, We will certainly guide them to Our Paths, for verily Allah is with those who do right” (Surah al-Ankabut 29:69).

Living With a Smoker

If you live with or are friends with smokers, first of all encourage them to quit, for the sake of Allah, their deen, and their health. If they refuse (and ultimately we will face Allah alone), you have the right to protect your own health and the health of your family. Do not allow it in the house. Do not allow it in enclosed quarters with your family. Even if the smoker is a parent, we do not need to permit them to smoke merely because they are our parents or elders. The Qur'an is clear that we are not to obey our parents in things which are forbidden by Allah. Share with your loved ones the information above, and encourage them to give up this habit, for the sake of Allah.


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Assalam aliekum

In addition to all the information about squandering money and the filth to your self and the damages to a person's health, don't forget about the second hand smoke. Second hand smoke can cause asthma, emphasyma, and lung cancer in those around you (specifically, your family, since they would be the ones around you the most). Smoking also reduces the quality of sperm (thus potentially hurting your unborn children before they are even conceived) and of course, if a pregnant woman smokes, she risks having a baby with low birth weight. All of this means, that smoking doesn't just hurt YOU, it hurts OTHERS, and we all know that Islam forbids the hurting of innocent people.

When I went to Saudi, in Mecca there were all sorts of HUGE billboards in multiple languages and signs in the hotel rooms, saying that smoking is wrong and that a good Muslim should read the Qur'an and quit such a bad habit.


Maryam Sayyidina

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I think not only Philip Morris donate to Israel.
Mc Donald, Nokia, IBM, Careffour,etc. How to end this up? It's lmean that we need replacement for all those companies. Can we?


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I know a muslim brother who smokes unfortunatly.
Can anyone here give me advise on how to help him quit?
I don't like critisizing people for their sins because astaghfirullah for my own yet it makes me sick seeing him destroy himself.
some one help me please .
shukran wa selaam