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How strange you are!
Here in the time when women celebrate their beauty
You hide yourselves behind the cloth of oppression and shame.

How strange you are!
We have the freedom long held from our sisters before us
And you choose to be shackled to the whims of God and man.

How strange you are!
To live backwards, you confine yourself to the touch of one.
When there are many whose sweetness you may smell and taste.
Male and female are available to you to extinguish your carnal desires.

How strange you are!
To live with the archaic ideals of home, family, modesty, and morals
You confine your existence to indulging the needs of others.
We strive to control our destiny, men, and environment.

How strange you are!
To do what you do; when we both know that I am what you desire to be.
I am strong and free. I do as I please, to whom I please, when I please…
While you-you shame me and all of our gender who long for more.
I hate you.
I spit on you for not being me.

Am I strange?!
I treat my beauty as a treasure.
To be seen only by those close to my heart, not to be enjoyed by anyone with two eyes.
My sexuality is intimate, my celebrations private.
I am not for sale or to be put on display.

Am I strange?!
I submit my will to the decree of The Most High.
I am assured of my place and purpose
While you wander around magazine, billboard, and television ads trying to be every woman and man
I find strength in my womanhood and you hide yours, ashamed of what you are.
Screaming, “If a man can do it, so can I!”
“My gender has no part in my…”
“Strong enough for a man…”
“Girls night out…”
“Women liberate yourselves…”
“Women act more like men…”
“Women BE men!”

Am I strange?!
To be what I am takes more strength than every tree that reaches towards the heavens. You hate me…I pity you.
Pity your frustrations and confusions, treating your femininity as an inconvenient body part.
Your ignorance breeds your shame for me.
Your arrogance make you think that you are what I want to be.

Am I strange?!
We will see.
For the Lord all the worlds will decide between me thee.


*Fear Allah*

Brillant! Mashallah! Jazak Allah Khair. We are strange to them but for all the right reasons. I want to be strange:) Islam came from being strange and will go back to being strange. Tooba is for the strangers. Subhanallah.

Salam Amirah80:hearts:


Subhana Allah!

:ma: what an amazing poem. to Allah we are not starangers. Jazak Allahu khayra for sharing it really sweet poem.:hearts:


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What A Beautiful Poem! MASHALLAAH! :mashallah:

This Poem Reminds me of a Nasheed called GHURABAA! BROthers AND SISTERS, TRY LISTEN TO THAT NASHEED ON YOUTUBE. ITS wonderful...:mashallah:

I know All us Muslims are Proud to be strangers! Even Being a Muslim Revert, I am Pleased to say to my Family....IMA STRANGER! :hearts:

ONLY the ALMIGHTY AND MOST FORGIVING CREATOR ALLAH, knows we are no Stranger to Him!

May Allah Shower us all with Blessings....:inshallah:

JAZAkALLAH! Lovely!!!!


SIsta Yasmin :hijabi:


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Thank you. I am a convert to Islam too and I've written some poems reflecting my experiences. InshaLLAH, I'll post some more.

Wa Alaykum Salaam


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Very deep, something us all Muslimah's can relate to at some stage of their lives.

Ibn Umar narrates: one day I was with the Messenger of Allah (Sal Allahu Alayhi wa Sallam). He then turned to me, held my shoulders with both of his blessed hands, and said: "Be in this life like a stranger or a traveler."