The Muslim Women's Dress. The Hijab and the Niqab.


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Here are some important articles to do with the Muslim Women's dress.

The Muslim Woman's Dress

Also, for those sisters yet to wear the hijab, you may find this helpful:
Tips for Beginning to Wear Hijab

The Hijab is obligatory - there is no doubt whatsoever in Islam with regards to that. As it is stated clearly in the Quran and the Sunnah. There are two sound opinions to do with the niqab. One is that the Niqab (face veil) is not an obligation (that it is mustahab - highly recommended) and the other is that the niqab is obligatory.

The following two threads present both sides of this argument. Here it is not for brothers or sisters to argue over which one is correct. We decided to present both the views of our esteemed Scholars from the past and the present. Therefore, one should read the evidences presented and make decision (based on those evidences) as to which they would follow.

The the case for the obligation of niqab:
NIQAAB: According to Qur'aan wa Sunnah

The case for niqab not being obligatory:

Niqab is not Obligatory by Shaykh Naasiruddeen al-Albaanee


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right!!men cannot see women's hair..come on my sisters..we have to obey ALLAH'S order.ALLAH is the great..hope we will get ALLAH'S love forever.