tv's haram, you still watch it. so im going to drink!!

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maybe im just not smart enough to think of an answer to this questoin. others might find it simple to anwser. the story goes a bit like tis:

in college we were having a dicussion about whats halal and haram in islam. this friend of mine (she's muslim) says to us, 'look tv's haram, music's haram etc...and most of you still do these things, so i don't really bother about choosing whats halal and whats haram. watching tv's the same as driking so i drink....etc' she gave us a list of things like this. so she goes clubbing, free mixing, wears revealing clothes etc... all becasuse its the same as tv being haram and people still watching it.

i was just baffled. i didnt know what to say to her. i didnt have a counter argument. can anyone tell me what they would say to someone if they said that?



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I think that in Islam we have big sins and small ones ,i think one can choose what to watch in TV ........but i agree that most of what people see is haram but with different degrees.
If we have enough Taqwa we can control what we see.And Allah knows best.


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first of all TV is only wrong if you watch p*** violence or any other anti islamic material on it. But channels like Islam tv or peace tv are educational and pro Islam stuff is halal.

TV is only haram if you watch haram stuff on it.

secondly drinking is a major sin unlike watching TV so they are not the same. Drinking is far worse then watching TV because of the physical and direct effects of it.

Tell your frined that there is a difference between major sin and minor sin and also that TV and music is only haram if you listen or watch haram stuff on it unlike drinking, wearing weird clothes and acting stupid around men.

May Allah guide all the muslim Ummah.


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I agree on stanger,

We have to increase our taqwa and should avoid from all sins.

We should not do sin by looking other behaviors since no one will be punished for the sin which other has commited.

So ask forgiveness from Allah .

May Allah guide you to the right path.


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tv is not haram itself but the problem is in the way we watch tv
for example , using knife is not haram if you use it to cut meat but it is haram if you use it to cut your friend!!!!!!!!!!!


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I think thats a very shallow way of thinking about the situation. If you commit adultery, you probably wouldn't feel puffed up in joy and decide to commit any other sin you can think of. Instead you'd go repent. You probably had nothing to say because it was simply a senseless remark. Second, I think it;s unfair for her to make the generalization that TV is haram. It does have many restrictions on it - boxing, wrestling and other "violent" sports are disallowed. Sexual content, or women exposing them selves for that matter (lower your gaze,in this case "Switch the channel!"). Anything that meaninglessly takes time away from deen is disliked. However, educational videos, Quran, or information about Islam IS halal. This friend of yours has a very frail ideology about sin and how you can commit it because others sin as well - it needs some serious revision.


What stupid reasoning.

So if something is declared haram by Allah yet human beings still continue to err in that very thing, it's okay to do it?


For the MILLIONTH TIME, before you look at the followers, LOOK AT THE RELIGION. I'm sorry if I sound condescending but that reason baffles me to the point where I think people just choose to act like animals because it suits them better than acting like people at that point. So basically, if cows were to follow each other off of a cliff, it would be okay to do the same and DIE simply because the other cows are doing it?

Common sense people, God blessed us with common sense. Just because human beings, who are created as WEAK, tend to make mistakes, doesn't mean we should abandon the BENEFICIAL knowledge thats been given to us by GOD just so that we can justify our own selfish desires. In essence, she's following humans instead of her Creator and there's her error. She will be responsible for her own actions, not the actions of everyone else.



i think it was incorrect when that sister stated tv was haram. what she probably should have said is that most of the programming on tv is haram. i would definitely agree with that. i am guilty of having watched haram tv programs before. today, i mostly disregard tv altogether. i usually watched the news because i like to know what's going on in the world. i believe that there is some benefit in television, but there is probably less benefit in it. but to say that it's totally haram is wrong.


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I hardly ever watch tv anymore either. There just isn't anything on that I find remotely interesting.


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The young woman's comment was moronic and she is not comparing apples with apples. She is just trying to fool herself that her behaviour is just as acceptable as a Muslim that watched tv. Alas, the only person she is fooling is herself and she should work on cleaning up her act before she ends up being permanently labelled as a bimbo simply here for shallow men's amusement and nothing more. Our focus is on the Hereafter and we have no time to get caught up in today's ridiculous whims and you should tell her that gently though! Sorry, her comparison annoyed me :S


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What stupid reasoning.

So if something is declared haram by Allah yet human beings still continue to err in that very thing, it's okay to do it?


For the MILLIONTH TIME, before you look at the followers, LOOK AT THE RELIGION.

I feel that's what I'm doing, I'm looking at the faith of Islam itself and getting my questions answered by the learned people on this forum.


I feel that's what I'm doing, I'm looking at the faith of Islam itself and getting my questions answered by the learned people on this forum.

I didn't mean YOU lol, I meant in general for anyone.

Initially, I was under the impression that this friend of yours wasn't a Muslim but now that I realize that she is, it makes the situation even worse. My point was that she's not setting a good example for non-Muslims and that if they want to truly be enlightened, they shouldn't look at her example and should study the faith itself.


*Fear Allah*

First and foremost that is just ridiculous.

The TV is not haram now what you watch on TV can be haram depending upon what you watch. Just like music is haram but the stereo you listen to it on is not. On tv you can watch islamic programs which is no problem or on the stereo listen to Quran no problem.

Drinking is very bad :astag: which cannot even compare to TV or music if you did listen to something haram (believe me I am not saying do that) or watch there is no comparison. If you drink the Prophet (saws) said Allah will not accept your prayer for 40 days. How can she even compare that. In Islam no sin is good but you will have some, so you must repent. But, the sins are weighed differently for her to justify her actions in this way is obsurd.

"Its haram the same as this so I will do it" :astag: This comes from a lack of knowledge that is why we as muslims must increase your knowledge!

Please make Du'aa for this sister that Allah guide on back on the straight path.


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Its really sad to see people trying to justify their sins when they clearly see generations have been destroyed by the wrath of Allah(swt)....

TBH .. Pathetic excuse.


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salam.there are bad and good things in this life maybe she might wanna leave this life that just don't make sense,no matter where bad is just stay put to your good deeds.I used the TV to watch the Taraweeh prayer from Makka and Medina so she just can't say TV is bad,what matters is the programs that we're watching.


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Assalamualaikum wr wb.
Yes, its very sad when people try to justify their sins...I have a friend who says "This are my sins.I am prepared to bear the consequences for them so I dont think anyone has the right to tell me to change."

I dont know what else to say to this person...He knows the punishments for his sins yet he says he is "prepared to bear the consequences"

Any ideas on how I can convince him ?

abdul hai

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The can absolutely disagree with the sister, she said that t.v is haram, this is absolutely wrong, TV is not haram, but it depends on what you watch on your TV. Sister is exposing her self, this is HARAM to the MAX, women who expose them selfs are more likely to me raped-this is a fact!. The sister is bringing thought into your minds about Islam.


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so r people going to be judged by her deeds or is she going to be judged by their deeds?

:salam2: May Allah guide :)


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asalam walykum
tv isn't haram it depends on what ur watching if some1 is watching something thats muhraam then thats when it is but if they're watchin something that is halal and useful for them then it isn't. Drinking is a minor sin that should be avoided coz it is bad for the health.
tell her not to judge others for what they do or what they don't do just coz people do things that are haram that doesn't mean that she has to go and do that.


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those things are wrong or haram , but is not because some people do wrong things that you,her ( or someone) will want to do wrong 2. Please Allah don't matter if someno do a haram don't do. She made a very stupid point in fact,tell her so have many people going to hell cause of it u want to go 2 ? in day of jugment will u be infront of Allah and say oh i drinked i went to clubs and those things because a brother watched tv or did something worst ? please this is a very horrible excuse , only because someone do something wrong u don't have to do 2 that is have no fear for Allah because this is one of the worst excuses for do wrong things that i ever heard, inshAllah may Allah guide her.