What are you currently reading?


ربنا اغفر لنا ذنوبنا
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Wow, this thread is quite old, isn't it? Maashaa'Allaah. Hopefully there will be more participants.

Thank you sister @Seeking Allah's Mercy, I have added the book by Shaykh Uthaymeen to my library.
I have so many books that I need to read, hopefully they'll come in handy during Ramadhaan. Currently, I'm reading "Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do?" By Michael J. Sandel. Well it's for a course, but it's one of the few books ever assigned that I actually enjoy reading and doesn't make me sleepy.
I'm also reading "Iqtidaa-ul-`Ilm al-`Amal" By Al-Khateeb Al-Baghdadi, which is very short and concise but beneficial nonetheless.


This what I read and all free to download

A1. What is Islam!
A2. Your first 24 hours in Islam .. hot give it a try
http://www.muhammad.com/media/en2/English Faith Aqidah/24 Hours in Islam.doc

A3. Articles of Faith
Tahawia in English:
http://www.muhammad.com/media/en2/English Faith Aqidah/ArabicEnglishFaithbyTahawiLineByLine.doc

A4. Christian dialog أصل أحمد ديدات رحمه الله

1. Koran (Holy Reading),
Download your free copy of the Holy Koran in Arabic English the only copy with 1770 sub-titles best contemporary English: http://www.muhammad.com/The-Holy-Koran-in-Arabic-English-with-1770-topics.docx
Like to here & see them in mp3 http://www.muhammad.com/media/index.php?book=Koran&&mqp=1
2. Hadith (Prophetic sayings)
MP3 http://www.muhammad.com/media/index.php?book=Prophet-Muhammad-speaks&&mqp=1
Here is a nice 61 Hadith topics presentation architected by one click design
Alhamdulillah, this is a very nice 24 minutes "outline of the whole science of Prophetic sayings (Hadith) - amazing - http://www.Muhammad.com/Arabic/Muhaddith-in-Making... SOURCE & FREE REGISTRATION: http://www.muhammad.com/workshop/workshop.htm

3. Seerah (Prophetic lifestyle and events)
Prophetic bio two books
4. Stories of sahabah (Prophetic companions)
http://www.muhammad.com/media/en2/English Life of Prophet Companions Hayat Sahaba/Sahaba 26 Hurayrah Ummu Diman Amr Urwa Tufayl.txt

5. stories for children

6. Fiqh (jurisprudence)
AND SIMPLIFIED BROTHER KELLER'S BOOK ON FIQH OVER 15 YEARS AGO {click to download} http://www.muhammad.com/media/en2/English Fiqh Jurisprudence/Imam Shafi Jurisprudence Handbook by Ibn an Naqib al Misri t.doc