What I'm made up of!


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What I'm made up of;

My heart yearns for many things that's forbidden
some things I removed for the cause of Allah,
as He the only One that knows of everything I've hidden,
although I am reminiscent whilst performing salah.

My tongue has spoken many words inappropriate
unintentionally they just slipped out,
at the heat of the moment and becoming a dissociate
Yes..I do have a problem and I do tend to shout.

My body is a gift so it deserves better treatment
as I have abused it over the years,
it was all for my own pleasure and amusement
it being a witness against my ownself just brings me to tears.

My mind allows me to make everyday decisions
all what I do is written in my book,
I have the time now to address my afflictions
because.. from this moment on my soul can be took.

:SMILY32:O you who believe! If you help (in the cause of) Allah, He will help you, & make your foothold firm. [Surah47:7 Muhammad]


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thanks brother. mashaallah,it's a nice poem. may allah (swt ) reward you and grant you barakah on your daily life and keep you on the right path.


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Salams, JazakAllah Khair for all the nice comments.
Please give feedback brothers & sisters because sometimes it seems nobody reads our efforts & emotions.:SMILY139: