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  • lol thnx sis :D
    im fine alhamdulilah hw r u? :D
    life's goin great ;)
    whts up wid u these days?
    Jzakallah sis
    tc ♥
    ramadan was awesome alhamdulilah :D hw was urs? life is goind hmmm as usual crazy :D lol
    tc luv yew :D sis
    aww sis
    assalamu alaykum
    im good alhamdulillah how are you?
    ameen to the dua may Allah give you the same and more :)
    woah thts so cute hehe :D
    hope ur doin fine ahem baji :lol: take care hpe to talk to yaaaa soooooooooonnnnnnnn :SMILY288: lolzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Arnt yew the sweetest hehe :D *hug*
    Walikumsalam *hug* i missed u behna :D
    life's going awesome :SMILY288: Alhamdulilah :D
    im fine and hpe ur da same hehe
    urs crazy lil sis :D
    WalaikumSalaam wr wb
    Alhumdulillah Sister. Im fine. How are you ?
    Thanks for asking.
    Do remember me in your duas.

    Take care:)
    thanx for asking :) i want to share with u something i just got froma friend ;
    إذا رأيت الله يحبس عنك الدنيا ويكثر عندك الشدائد والبلوى..فاعلم أنك عزيز عنده..وأنك عنده بمكان

    translation : If you see Allah imprisoned you the world and you have a lot of adversity and affliction .. know that you are dear to Him .. and that you are important to Him

    i pray for u the best in the dunya and akhira
    wa alaikum assalam my sister. I am fine alhamdulilah. Now Im lil bit busy with student programs. Pray for me sister. I hope u r fine and may Allah help u in everything u do. :) :hearts:
    Assalamualaikum sister. Mashaallah you have graduated. Congratulations! :) Are you 21? I'm 21 too. What were u studying sister? May Allah help you and bless you.
    wasalam ukhti :D
    yesh yeshhhhhhhh :D:D:D:D im so happy hehe i hope u got ur job inshallah come bck sooner thn soon:D we all waiting :D
    :lol: ur also very sweet big sis *hug* take care ov urself i miss you on TTI:( u dont come here too much anymore =S
    Anyways my dua's with u:D:D:D
    Allah hafiz!
    Wasalam :D:D
    sis so glad to hear frm yew *hug*
    Me and my family all fine alhamdulilah! Congratz on finishin colg yew sooo free nw hehe
    I'll make dua fr ur job:D:D
    Allah hafiz!
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