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  • Wa'alykum as salam choti gudya,
    Alhamdulillah everything is perfect @my end.
    Still no job & I am back to HYD,Insha-Allah will get 1 good job soon.
    You also pray for me,nd yeah sorry for replying so late,was just busy in other things.
    how was ur exams?hope u did well,nd I hope u wrote Manipal exam.
    take care,waiting for your reply,
    Ma'as salamah
    wa alaykumu salaam my beloved affu <3

    Missing you mooreee! I hope we will speak soon inshaAllah..
    Please make duas for me...im not well :(
    big hugssss
    love you always
    wa salaam
    Wa'alykum as salam choti,

    Alhamdulillah I'm perfect and Insha-Allah I hope the same at ur end with u n with ur family,yeah I'min UAE,was in sharjah for first 10 days,now fromlast 4 days I'm in Abu Dhabi,and Insha-Allah 2mrw I will start for Dubai.Jazak-Allah for remembring me choti nad also for ur precious du'as,keep doing the same & Insha-Allah mai bhi.Hope everything is going smooth with ur clg studies.so nice to c ur VM,keep doing the same and do remember me in your precious du'as with my name,take care keep smiling,

    Your's BB
    Ma'as salamah
    Assalamualykum Choti,
    hey Insha-Allah meri flight Saturday 10:15 am ko hai :)
    so please pray for ki mujhe jald job miljaye.
    Will be updating you all.
    Take care and keep smiling,
    Convey my salam and regards to all at your place and love to your youngers,
    Ma'as salamah
    Assalamualykum chottii,
    How u doing?n hows every1 at ur place?
    Alhamdulillah I got the Visa today,
    Insha-Allah will be taking flight soon,
    please do remember me in your du'as ki mujhe jald se jald job miljaye :)
    take care n keep smiling always :)
    Ma'as salamah
    oh choo cheweet sisi,
    Insha-Allah,Ameen to your du'as,
    hahaha even I was got sicked with that pre-finals in my 10th n 12th haha,
    and yeah Alhamdulillah meri bhaanji abhi thodi thik hai,she is improving with every new day Alhamdulillah.
    Chalo achese padhaye kijye aur bade bhayya ki naak mat katne dena hahaa,just kidding.
    apna aur sab ka khayal rakhna.
    Allah Hafiz.
    Assalamualykum sister :)
    How u doing choti :)
    just to inform you that Alhamdulillah today I've applied for the Visa.
    Insha-Allah will come to know whether it is approved or not on Sunday.Do remember me in your du'as choti :D take care and yup always keep smiling and help your mom in her work,convey my salam n regards to all at ur palce :)
    Ma'as salamah
    wa alaykumu salaam my sweetheart! kaisi ho?

    we finally spoke! alhamdulillah :) i was sooooooooooooooo happy speaking to you,
    i've just read your message, you're soo sweet my affu you made my day! :)
    may Allah bless you always
    please say salaam to your family and big big hugs to fannu that i miss a lot too

    miss you and love you loads
    big huggg
    wa salaam :hearts:
    yes may be u r right here r not very safe environment of colleges :(
    oh good to hear that u shifted to Qatar:D hows college in Qatar:D? sister
    May Allah get success in our aims:) Ameen!!

    n thx n Ameen to ur dua's:)
    wow thats good

    well, i m also in 11th n will be 12th in 5 months becoz my exams will start on 28th april n will finished on may be last week of May:( i took humanities group Alhumdillah:)
    well sister here is indain college too in most cities of saudia arabia than why was u go in india??:D

    ok take care

    Allah hafiz
    i also born n grown up in saudia arabia Alhumdillah:) n i like this country very much:)
    btw in which class r u studying now:D? if u don't mind me asking:)
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