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  • شكرا حبيبتي ربي يسعدكِ إن شاء الله نزوركم احنا كمان
    سلميلي عالأهل يا سكر :)

    أحبك كمان ^_^

    I've been here and there. Lol.
    Trying to figure some stuff out man- long story.

    I cant even have you on msn any more so i cant even tell you propperly how things are going with me. Id pm you but that's not 100% private either. :(

    I really miss you ukhtii

    Tc and make dua for me

    omg ur rite long longgggggg time :)
    exxams went fine alhanduilah:D yep im sooooo freeeeeeeeeeee :lol:
    Jzakallaah fr dua behna...Allah bless you....
    *hug* back
    im fine :) hw bout yew? navi tazzi jee yee ha k my exam goin on and ab khatam hone wale haaa :lol:
    make dua...take care *hug*
    Allah hafiz.
    wa'alaykum assalaam sister. Ameen, wa anti min ahlil jaza'.Alhamdulillaah everyones fine. Baaraka Allaahu feki for asking and teaching me more arbi. Jazakillaahu Khayran *mgmg*
    But did she stop? No -_- We went to another shop and she walked in first, where I was almost inside and then she turns around to me and says, "What's that Channa? You want four more chocolates?" I was like, "Oh stop it! No I don't!" :tantrum1: and I didn't go in the shop because I was embarrassed. She also said that in the shop when I go next to the sweets area, the alarm sirens go off. Lol.
    Where's my manners? Ukhti, how's your ummie, wa abi, wa ukhti's (how do you say sister's in arbi, is it ukhtwati?) How's your fam? InshaAllaah well I hope. May Allaah bless you and your family. Baaraka Allaahu feki ukhtiiii. Love you fiLlaah. Fee amaaniLlaah xx
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