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  • assalam 'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

    As you will surely know, as per the Sunnah of Allah, its obvious that we all have to have difficulties sometimes. So as usual, I am with both. :) Alhamdhulillah! Learnt very important lessons in life recently though.

    As per the course, yes Alhamdhulillah its going well so far, and I am in my exams at the moment. Plus I have a very special news which I have not shared with any TTI brother or sister yet, and I do not want to mention it in public either. So inshaAllah I will tell in some other time. :)

    Yeah its a reasonable time period I can understand my sister. May Allah bless you and your husband, and family. Ameen!

    Oh yeah! As per marriage, it seems this isn't the time for such a huge thing as I am studying and I am not sure that I can handle her expenses yet. I don't want that to happen. Hope you got me. :)

    I am so glad to hear from you sister. Take good care and have a very blessed days. Hope to hear from you often.

    Assalamua'laykum wa rahmatullah Ukhti,

    Not sure if you remember me or not but wherever you are Sis, I pray that may you and your family be under the protection and blessings of Allaah subhanahu wa Ta'ala always. Ameen.

    I pray that may Allaah keep us firm and steadfast in conveying and spreading His words of truth until our last breathe. InshaAllaah.

    Take care of yourself, my sister is Islam. Honestly, I missed you.

    Wa'alaykummusalam wa rahmatullah.
    :salam2:wa rahamatullahi wa baraktuhu!!

    gotcha sister!!!!:)it's been ages i didn't see around from ike ages!!!are you all right respected sister!!hope to hear from you and see your beneficial posts and threads inshallah.

    mean to VM you but getting hands on your profile is a tough thing!!

    love you sister!!

    take care:)!!
    assalam 'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh my dearest sister

    Its soooooo long without hearing from you. How have you been? How is family, studies, and everything??

    Hope to hear from you in a reasonable time period. :)

    wassalam 'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
    wa allaykumu saalam wa raahmatullah wa baarkatuhu

    You are most welcome dear sister,and jazzak Allah kahir wa baarkah Allah feekhum for liking it.:). Smile is sadaqah.:)
    Ameen for your kind duas,and I pray Allah reword you with all the best on both worlds. ameen

    Assalamu allaykum dear sister.:)

    I pray you are well InshAllah and in Allahs blessings.

    I just wanted to thank you for asking for me.It really means a loot to me. Alhamdulillah I was well, have been busy with my studies a loot and memoraising Quran too. Inshallah I wanted to share this very importante news with you and ask you that you please keep me in your duas and prayers.

    But how are you my sister and your family??? I pray you were well too Inshallah and all of your family as well.
    You will be in my duas Inshallah.

    take care of yourselfe and may you be in Allahs blessings. :tti_sister:

    Keep smiling and be happy :)

    I love you for Allah sake. :SMILY252::SMILY252::SMILY252:

    wa alaykum saalam wa raahmatuAllah
    Sorry its a bit late.

    May Allah Ta'ala make this year full of hapiiness, joy, goodness and security of all Muslims and forgive our past sins, ameen.
    Remember the Muslims who are in hardships in your dua's

    Walikumasalam warahmatuallah dear sister, :)
    Allahmdulilah im well, sister, thank you.
    Hope you and your family are in the best of health and imaan.
    Allahamdulilah (All Praise to Allah) for the knowledge He bestowed, mashAllah that you have benefitted by sister.
    Alkauthar? Ive never heard of it sis. (i'L pm you to tell you were in the UK im from.)
    walaikum salam baji,

    U know those line were the ones that were concenrning me as well, but i thought its better to get a 2nd opinion

    JazakAllah khair
    thats the thing i dont listen to many urdu nasheed mostly english

    walaikum salam
    aslam o alaikum wa rahmatulli wa barakatuhu,
    baji it was this qawali

    im not if ther is shirk in it but agar aap verify kar de it wud mean alot

    yea and i heard that too that it has shirk, but i never really listened to qawali just this one i heard and ikinda liked.

    walaikum salam
    Walikumsalam behna:)
    Ur most welcome sweet sis:D just make dua fr my health and the exam 2moro:( im sick of bein sick for so long lolz... Jazakallah khair ukhti:)

    Ameen upon your duas, sister. Yes, Alhamdulillah, we had a very good Eid.

    Duan main yaad rakhiey gaa.
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