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  • Assalam Aleikum!! How are you bother? i hope good! i have finished another book! so deliciously happy :)
    Assalam Aleikum brother!im SOOO happy to login after a million tries! first of all, thanks a bunch for the books! i havent finished all of the books yet. i have finished 2 of them! i will be reading others later as i am about to enter my public exam. i borrowed one of the books to my friend and she loved it!

    btw, hows your life? i hope its great! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!:)
    Oh no, but thank you. However, I would love to learn Bosnian and visit. We have many Bosnians here in Georgia, and even have a Bosnian language Mosque. The first Muslim I ever met in person is Bosnian, and named Mirsada.

    How is life there for Muslims?
    Salaam alaykum respected brother, are you from Bosia/Herzgovia? How do you know Bosnian? Jazakallah khair in advance.
    Hmm, well when you make a new tread there is a sign looking like a mailing letter, click on it and u will have to brows your file and upload it.
    I just read the thread about islamic terms. Another sister gave me an pdf file of Muslim expressions and one for Islamic dictionary (beginner)that I think may be of help. How should I handle it? How do I post it?

    Shukran (Thanx)
    Asalam aleikum brother! I have finished one of the books and gained more knowledge.Just stopped by to say thank you! and i hope you are good!Wasalam!
    im fine with you closing it..but i don't know why they dub these "keys" as the 5 stated in surat laqoum..and btw i read the fatwa already..Like then i saw a tasfir from someone accredited saying these keys are either absolute divine knowledge or the capacity to creation.which in either way is infinite and thus its beyond and its a *shudder* type thing. So if these people say that and some people say differently then the keys being five items kinda doesn't make sense to me..
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