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  • ههههههههه
    أبلة بالتركي يعني الأخت الكبرى بس منتشرة مرة في السعودية بمعنى معلمة أو نستخدمها لنداء امرأة أكبر مننا

    مامتي = my mom

    مو حلوة الكلمة :p?
    اها فهمت
    مشكووورة يا أبلة
    طنطة على قولتكم بالمصري
    الله يجزاك خيــــــــــر

    أحبـــــك مامتي ^_^
    السلام عليكم
    احم :p
    ممكن أسألك سؤال ؟
    ايش الفرق بين especial and special ?
    لهم نفس المعنى و الا فيه فرق في الاستخدام ؟
    LOL, okay inshaa allah. Or better - send me a PM and I'll get it directly onto my mobile just in case I'm not online and just in case the offline messenger decides to misbehave again. :D
    السلام عليكم
    ماما يا ماما يا أحلى ماما كيف حالك ؟ <<< قاعدة أغني لك بصوتي:p

    حبيت أشقر و أقول كل عام و أنتِ بخير
    و على قولتنا بالسعودي
    عساك من عوادهـ :)
    Wa alaikum el salam, sis. OH NOOO! Again?!! Well next time I won't send you offline messages cause they don't seem to work anymore. I am so sorry you waited! I feel so guilty! Everything's fine elhamdulela, I just had a very tiring week at university last week so I fell asleep on Thursday and couldn't even get up to 2aftar. So sorry. :( Happy Eid to you too. :hearts: How is tomorrow for you? If so, what time? The earlier the better inshaa allah, but of course after iftar. Sooooo sorry once again! :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:
    Inshaa allah you got my offline message this time? :) Sam7eeny ya ukhti!!! :hearts: ya rab makonsh khaletek testany keteer. :(
    Walaikumu salam

    Alhumdulillah Im doing okk :) And you?

    Lol, no thats not me, its my cuzin :D I know she is so cuteee :D MashaAllah

    Sister make dua for me okkk, my health is not too good :( Going to the hospital tommorow, dont worry, its just an appointment ;) But make dua that everything goes well :( Usually I have to stay in the hospital for many days even if I have like a cold :( So now I'm veryy scared :(

    Happy Eid to you too my beautiful sister :D
    As-salamu alaikum ya ukhti al-kareem, hope you're in the best of health and iman...am really sorry if you thought i haven't added you, but i did or maybe i did it the wrong way..you see, i'm not actually a comp person so'll you'll have to guide me through certain things....Insha'allah i hope to hear from tou soon
    take care ukhti
    Assalamu Alaikum sweeetyy:D:D:D:D

    no no need to be sorry....my rule: late replies are always welcome lol

    awww sis u was not feeling well?? may Allah give u health!!! ameen
    inshaAllah we'll talk sooooooonn:D:D:D:D
    mwaaaaaahhs n huggiess,
    you're in my duas,
    salaamu alaikum,

    thot i wud drop by and say salaam,
    i have no school tmrw so iam still on tti .........
    keep me in ur duas.......i shall do the same inshaAllah.
    your sis
    Ohh really?? SubhnAllah, I was actually waiting for your reply :( Okk sis, I will see whats going on okk.

    I love you too for the sake of Allah
    waAlaikum salam dear sis,

    I havent gotten any yet, maybe coz I dont have u on my friend list, I will add u now inshaAllah,
    it's ok if u misplled my name,
    luv u dear ukhti
    my name is Ubah, and I am from Somalia originally.....live in the states,
    aaamm, I go to colleg here, my first yr in college......not so guud lol, but wat guud does this dunya have??
    that is my little intro lol,
    I hope to remain friends with u till death takes us apart, and I hope to meet u in jannah....may Allah make us those whu meet one another for His sake and depart with His remembarance, ameen ya rab....:)
    thats abt it,
    luv u fiAllah dear ukhti :)
    Assalamu Alaikum sis:D

    well I finally got the curraige to say salaam to u lol..........and maybe befriend you......<SHY>
    I have loved u so much for Allah's sake, for you always remind us of important things we should be reminded of:) may Allah reward u abandtly dear sis
    I was jst reading ur thread "beware of black ant" and subhanaAllah, it was my final, I wanted to be close to u, so I can be close to almighty Allah, it's part of me keepin the company of guud ppl,
    I thank Allah for puttin u in this TTI family, for I benefit from ur posts alot, may Allah reward u !! ameen
    assalamualikum sis..i hv asked sis imam99 to delte ur thread..sis am so sad now..am a victim of backbiting..are u on msn
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