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    Awww i miss you all i'l try not to stay away sis
    its hard though because im not well most of the times
    anyways sis keep me in your duas
    nope i havn't heard from sis zaynab miss her alot
    but hopes shes ok and doing well
    maybe busy or something Allah knows best
    take care sis
    Asalamu alaykum

    I meant sis if you couldn't write then it would be hard for you to reply. Alhamdulilah i'm glad it is a relief to you. We all need that. By the way sis mirajmom said she was sick and she posted a thread saying that she was going to be out for awhile. jazak Allahu khayra ukhti. With best wishes:hijabi: love you ukhti:)

    Asalamu alaykum

    how are you doing sis? Hope you are in good health and iman. I wonder what happened to your posts:rolleyes: I really missed reading them.:D take care ukhti:D

    Abu Hurairah, radiyallahu 'anhu, reported that the Messenger of Allah, sallallahu 'alayhi wasallam, said:

    "Allah the Almighty has said: 'Whosoever acts with enmity towards a closer servant of Mine (wali), I will indeed declare war against him. Nothing endears My servant to Me than doing of what I have made obligatory upon him to do. And My servant continues to draw nearer to Me with supererogatory (nawafil) prayers so that I shall love him. When I love him, I shall be his hearing with which he shall hear, his sight with which he shall see, his hands with which he shall hold, and his feet with which he shall walk. And if he asks (something) of Me, I shall surely give it to him, and if he takes refuge in Me, I shall certainly grant him it.'"

    As-salamu alaikom dear sis,

    So glad to hear fm u. I'm still under treatment & do hope to get better isA. Sure you're in my dua & hope Allah will make everything easy for you.

    Asalamu alaykum sis hassana

    How are you doing sis? I hope everything has gotten better for you.:D My dear sis make dua for me. I have exams. keep me in your sincere duas. Jazak Allahu khayra. :hearts:

    "Truly in the heart there is a void that can not be removed except with the company of Allah. And in it there is a sadness that can not be removed except with the happiness of knowing Allah and
    being true to Him. And in it there is an emptiness that can not be filled except with love for Him and by turning to Him and always remembering Him And if a person were given all of the world and
    what is in it, it would not fill this emptiness."

    - Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyyah
    wallaykum sallam my dear sister
    Alhamdulillah:) so good to get a message from you
    how are you??
    hope your all good inshaAllah
    i know i missed you too loads man
    but its good to have you back Alhamdulillah
    welcome back
    take care sis
    Asalamu alaykum sister how are you hope your in the best of health and imaan inshallah....:)
    wa alaykumu salam
    Asallamu alaykum sister
    its been a long time i havn't seen you on TTI
    how are you???
    i hope you are ok
    missing you loads sis
    take care
    Walaykum sallam
    Asalamu alaykum

    how are you doing sister, it's been long time. I hope you are doing great my sister :hijabi:

    asalaamu aleykum sis
    how are u doing? hope u are in good health and best of imaan
    passing by to say salaam
    take care
    wa salaam
    Asalamu alaykum

    We have enjoined on man Kindness to his parents: in pain did his mother bear him, and in pain did she give him birth. The carrying of the (child) to his weaning is (a period of) thirty months. At length, when he reaches the age of full strength and attains forty years, he says "O my Lord! Grant me that I may be grateful for Thy favour which Thou hast bestowed upon me, and upon both my parents, and that I may work righteousness such as Thou mayest approve; and be gracious to me in my issue. Truly have I turned to Thee and truly do I bow (to Thee) in Islam." (15) Surah Ahqaaf
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