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  • not to mention the time i spent in school for practice.

    I quickened my pace until I heard my dad’s call,given as if from miles away. I realized then I had left him behind

    the fog had descended.and I could barely see him throught it's thick blanket

    from where i was standing,i could see that he was just standing there,looking for me.

    add another come there sis to show his enthusiasm:D!!

    as he wasn't fast enough.

    i could hear his breathing becoming heavy.i glanced at him.he appeared pale and there were sweat beads forming on his broad/lined/shining forehead.

    he stood still for a moment.
    no sis i'm all awake i was enjoying it actually:D!!sorry should have answered you first:)!!

    okay firstly you got t understand that i'm not much of a corrector myself.and there is difference in how ppl wirte,think and there must be a difference of choice of words between my writng and was very good mashallah.i just got some tiny suggestions and correction.which mean nothing anyways.....

    he stared at the sky for sometime and then answered.

    i was almost as tall as he was.

    i just wanted to be excatly like my father

    sis i'm not confirmed about it if it's much far away or too far away:confused:
    after everyone were finished with there studies.

    we would gather around to the nearest soccer field

    on the team.
    nah sis you are doing great mashallah.i read the part in sis's was verr very nice:)i enjoyed it all very kinda worried have i been caling a guy a girl:p........joking's seems so real.i'll check it out again incase something is needed coz for the first time i just read a book for the story not vocablory or grammer:)but i doubt there is anything i can find coz my english is doublely messed up:)
    :wasalam:wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

    heeeey sis how are you???

    behnaaa you need MY help:eek:you kidding or what.mashallah i don't know how i may be able to help.i mean look at you are a natural:)sobhanallah.i'll help you out any way i can just ring the bell:)inshallah
    Asalamalikum shayma:
    how r u??????? missing u :( tum ne ab msn per ahna chor deya hai kia:( :(
    take care
    love u alwayssssssssssssssssss;)
    alhumdulillah i prayed for your my sister:)i asked ALLAH to ease your pain.i'm happy to know it worked:)

    keep dacin sis:Dbut watch out for your leg:p!!!
    coz i'm a usless shrimp!!and no help t you:(!!!...............yes sister pray,pray hard.May ALLAH help ease your pain!!!

    love you too!!

    :wasalam:wa rahamtullahi wabarakatuhu
    :lol: sis either facebook stinks or not who cares ;) :SMILY288:
    my results hvnt come out yet plz make dua fr it plz plz plzzzz :D:D:D
    whts new on ur side? *hug*
    Im fine :D :lol: wht bout u? Long time no see :O......
    :lol: yea im talkin to myself :cool: not really:p lol im waiting for facebook to open up thn i'll update status ther :lol: till it re opens ;) my profile is idk lol status updater :lol:
    Whts up on ur side ukhti :D
    hahah behna my sweeeeeeeeeeety.....actually i don't know when is my engagement:p it's up to my parents n also there parents:D........btw don't worry when i will come to know that when is my engagement i will inform u 1st inshAllah;)..................yaaaaaaaa behna don't wish , only just come here :D i m waiting for uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu muah.............Love u always behnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa:SMILY252:..............u will come inshAllahhhh in my engagement:rolleyes:

    take care b study hard:)

    Allah hafiz
    I LOVE U TOOOOOOOOO BEHNA.............tum kub good news suna rahi ho?:lol:

    jazakallah khair for all dua's

    May Allah bless u tooooo n ur future husband:D Ameen

    hahhahah yaaaaaaaaaa it's me:D

    thanx behna.............u r sooooooo sweeeeeeeeeet muah .......i know u will be happy to see tthis great news:) ......jazakallah khair shayma for great wishing:D
    love u always
    Lool, I'll wait for a tape to arrive in the mail soon then:p:p
    Don't let it drive yu crazy man, Yu'll be better soon Insha'allah:):):)
    Then yu can Sleeeeep n sleeeeep all yu want at night 'kay:biggrin::biggrin:
    So don't worry!,and yu're in my du'aas too:biggrin::biggrin:

    Insha'allah, I hope it ends tomorrow...I only have Vhem and Math left..Those two subjects really hate me dude, or is it me that hates it:p:p But Insha'allah, I'll be fine if i'm in your du'ass:biggrin::biggrin:

    LoL, yu don't go to skool huh, Yu probably go to madrasah then rite!?:):)
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