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  • Assalamu Alaikum
    HEYY! finely ur online
    where have u been???????
    is been along time that i didnt c u
    hope everythin is going well
    missed u lotz
    salaam lil sis..

    how are you??
    long time no smell :) :) lol
    hope your in the best of health and imaan inshaAllah...

    wassalam shaima...

    alhamdulilah im as good as ever
    revising hard as usual lol
    how r u my ukhti??
    take care
    keep smiling :) :)
    You're doing da'wah ......!? MashaAllah Ukhti, may Allah make it easy for you.
    Wow. Thats really good to hear.

    Take care
    And keep trying to drill it into her brain!
    No! i havent found her yet!!
    its a Gigantic website so i think it will take some time! Loll.

    Yeh alhamdulillah i am well.
    What you been up 2?
    Salaam how are you?
    i still cant stop laughing about the little misunderstanding!! sorry tho. :)
    walaikumu salam
    heyy gurl how u doin
    alhamdulilah am good sis
    i added you on ma Flist long tim ago but i dont kno somethin went wrong here lol
    anyways hop everythin is goin been along tim :D
    wasalamu alaikum
    As salaam alaikum sister. It's nice to see u back on here again :)
    mashaAllah, thats a beautiful name aswell
    May allah make everyfing easy for u shaima!!!
    u are in my dua's sis
    nice to have u bk!!!!!!! haha
    yeppppppp!! my name is Abu Hurairah, nice innit?? lol
    and yours if u dont mind me askin my dear sis??
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