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  • As-salaamu `alaikum warahmatullaah!=)

    Replying after 2 months...:S

    Sorry 'bout that! And no, I'm still in the country. lol You seem to have disappeared too so, 'did You go to a diff. country or something'? :p

    waan ku salaamaaye lee, ukht! I hope inaad nabad qabtid Inshaa'Allaah! And, careful 'round MCTC bal- that place is quite dangerous!=)
    looolz innit.... lng time sis :)....
    Alhamdulillah am fine and i misssssssed u tooooo :)
    Alhamdulillah am done with uni this month i graduated.. InshAllah am going for my master soon :)
    Whats up with u there?? hows life going 4 ya??
    InshAllah take care....

    PS: loolz am not used to this new feature of this site.. kinda cool though :) u yk it??
    Salaam `alaikum warahmatullaah!

    Haye, see la yahay?!:p What's this I hear..'bout you attending MCTC, huh? You moved to our qaxooti and didn't even care to tell me..?=(

    PS. soooo sorry, didn't reply to your last msg cos I was away from this land for cabaaaar nooh!

    PPS. Hope all is well with you Inshaa'Allaah!
    Sorry about the late reply sis...yh, I took one class of psych last quarter. I did pretty good.
    Oh, Alhamdulilah! Everything is well. I was busy with school, that's all. Truth be told you're the one who doesn't come that often lol:D I'm looking at your last activity and ita four days ago:tongue:
    :hearts: Take care sis:D
    ameen and same to u abaayo !
    oh gurl....thats pretty tight!! I heard MCTC aint that bad but the math classes suck over there. I know many people who come to my skool just for the maths. Well, if you come by the U, pls holla :D
    ameen to ur dua!!!

    oh and I hope ur Eid went well...!
    Wa`alaikum salaaaaam Warahmatullaaah!

    Woah! Where'd you appear from?! Lol but really, you've been away for so so so long! Wow. Good to see a msg from you again, uktiii!

    Sorry, didn't get to wish you a happy `eid.. But I hope you enjoyed your xalwo and kackacs..=)
    great! which one do u go to now??? I knw college is so much fun!! I am done with my 2 yr stuff, just finish up the last few classes b4 I hit the uni insha'Allah.........pray for me! PLSSSSSSSSS!!!!
    life has been good for me wallahi, I cnt complain :) alhamdulillah!!!
    Asalamu alaykum sis

    Eid Mubarak to you too as well. May Allah bless you forever, Ameen.

    ahaha.....alhamdulillah cnt complain!!!! I didnt disappear tho, I was here most of the time ;)

    hw U been? skool done or r u a senior now?
    no WOW u RRRR here!!!! subhana'Allah...dude where have u been??? u just disappeared on us man. DONT do that!!!!! I miss u soooooooooo muchhh!!!!! :(
    HUG and eid mubarak
    Asalaama Aleikum sister..abayoo how are doing? are alive wallahi i haven't see you for long time..i miss you..hope everything is ok, stop by to drop salaam.
    Walaykumu salaam

    Alhumdulillah im fine :) How are you?
    Yeah its been really long. I dont come on tti, thats why.
    But i hope your fine :)
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