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  • You hurt me? Hahahahahahha! Yeah right. You dont have a mean bone in your body hun mashaAllah you're ever so nice. :)

    Im not married yet LOL.
    2nd October inshaALlah. 3rd Oct will be the Walimah inshaAllah.
    Ill BRB hun. Gotta make some chapattis! Join us for dinner tonight. :p

    Ive made prawns for my lovely dad and roasted chicken for my brothers LOL
    You can have whatever you like lol.

    And we gujrati's start off dinner with the sweet dish. Unfortunately ive been lazy today and i really couldnt be asked to make it. :p So none of the sweet stuff this eve. Maybe some ice cream later? Lol or chocolates! *YAY*


    Love, Asmaa
    You know why btw. I just haven't been "great" to you, the way you deserved to be treated. Im truly verrrrry sorry.
    ummm Sis, I just want to say sorry.

    Seriously. For anything i may have said/done to hurt you. I owe you an apology.

    Please forgive me ukhtii for everything. Ive been the worst "sister". I know it. I really hope you forgive me!

    Much love.

    Alhumdulillah glad to hear that.

    I miss my mum so much that i cry myself to bed sometimes. (Talk about being a cry baby lol) Cant wait till she comes back.

    May Allah give your mum Shifaa.

    Tc and dont worry too much. She'll be as fit as a fiddle in no time IA :)

    Love, Asmaa

    Wa alaykum Salaam Beautiful.

    Ahh, I apologise for this late reply. I read somewhere (or heard) that you are a Pakhtana. Is that right?

    Allah remember you always Dear.
    no you taking me no mattter how:p

    hey!!what happened to my sister:(she didn't contacted me today.she said she was going thru a lot:(

    wnat happend to your mother siss??is she okay??she fine can PM me if you wish??waht happened???:(tell me!!
    :lol:no way you were enjoying islamic conferences and i was sulking tme you taking me with you:mad:or else>...........:lol:

    no may bessss ghandi bachiu:p

    hehehe yeah you said balh balh abh;ka;ksd wf yourself and then went.....:confused:

    well i'm angry:mad:you put a bann on me not to leave and then you're gone yourself:SMILY129:!!!

    awww sis inshallah.:lol:at the moment you look specifically weird:p

    hahaha!!some goodness you found like after let's say a week:D:D:D should have known it all along:p

    love ya sis!! and i missed u:(

    walikumsalam mere piyare ghandi se behna :p
    kasi ho :D misssssssssss u toooooooo behna :(
    bas aj kaal papers ho rahay hain so i m very busy now a days , acha khair plz mere papers ka liya bohut dua karna :D final board ka exams hain so its just hard for me but Alhumdillah 2 papers tuo achay hogay hain n tum sunao tmharey study kasi chal rahi hai :D
    take care n dua main yaad rahkna apne piyare behna ko :p
    love u always n forever n u r always in my duas behna :)
    behna tmhey msg likhon yeh nai magar namaz main dua lahtay hoa tumhara name zorror lahty hoan :)
    Allah hafiz
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