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  • nope he didn' did!!:lol:

    not that i will do anything about it:D:D:D i'm going to enjoy the whole scene:p

    that's nice!!:)if he says he's tour bro then he ought to:lol:

    me is-like i say-playing dead alive:pyou don't hav emuch of life in xzams:lol:but i think i do:pme???me is sleeping in my skool:Delse what??isn''t that what skools are for:confused:
    common behna you know you not bad:)think good say good good will hapen to you inshallah:)

    i was just saying gandhi bachi:lol:naughty bachi;)
    hehehe yes second guess is almost correct i know bhiyyaa:D:D:D:Ddid over an year now:lol:but found you so callled sibship now:pyeah he told me about being sibs but not about "THAT":pthat i found somehwere else..........but you know you can go eat him all the same":SMILY252:i'll love you twice as much:lol:...........kidding behna bhiyaa ji ko tang nahi karna:p.....actually karo maza aai ga:D:D:D

    nah!!sis he didn't:)he told me about you being his sister and that i can ask you for confirmation a if i was accusing him for telling a lie:pbut i was going to our ol' vms and there i got something...

    my brother lives in another city....the one who never comes online to help you out in your home work:)

    so i was like okay she told me about her brother but i nvr knew you were talking about him:lol:

    taht's it:lol:so much for the suspence:lol:
    :lol:kidding :lol:nothing bad here........since i never asked no offence here:)

    so can you guess????review you recent vms you just mentioned it;)
    :lol:eek:kay you kinda know the next one guess what wud that be:p???erm you knid of mentioned it i never thought about it like for an instant......

    even when i was told i thought noshe won't keep somthing like that quiet not from me:mad:and you did:lol:gandi bachi .......think about it i come to now about my sis from others:(bad bad thing:(
    hey before the next i-came-to-know-stuff-about-you:)

    here is a joke:)

    when you do something wrong

    go to your parents for sund advice:)

    and then you'll get

    90%sound and one 1%advice:lol:
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