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  • Salam walaikum brother, I appreciate the friend request. I hope all is well with you, insha allah.
    Asslam'u alykum akhi,
    How's you? Just thought of dropping by your page to see how you doing.

    2nd year hai bhai :p :lol: .. BBA marketing mi kar ra hoon :D .. app ka 1st yr na .. i knw i knw :p ..
    Hadrat Abud-Darda (r.a.) reported that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, "The supplication of a Muslim for his (Muslim) brother in his absence will certainly be answered. Every time he makes a supplication for good for his brother, the angel appointed for this particular task says: `Ameen! May it be for you, too`.``

    Related by Muslim.
    Salam bro,

    of course. But what you've got to understand I am not talking about the negitive type of jealousy that happens to us. I am talking about the jealousy in honor.

    For example, say if I decided to call another woman mother, my orginal mother would be jealous because she done all of this stuff for me and I go off and call another woman mother. She is not jealous at the person I call mother, because what has she done? nothing.

    Same can be said with Allah (SWT) because he gives us these blessings and we worship false idols, therefore he is jealous at the fact that after all he did for us, we turn his back and worship false Gods.
    ahahah loser :p :lol: ... post edit kar dia hahaha :lol: .. sai ka token hai tu .. :p :p
    i knw ur age. :p ... jis ko nai pata hoogi wo samjae ga ke you ki age not zada then 10 :lol: .. kyu ke you ki display pic hi aaisi hai .. jaise 2 saal ka bhacha hoo :p
    bhachay bara hoo ja :p :lol: .. koi nai chata tu idar rahe jabhi tu bola ke start ur own blog hahah :lol: .. aur you samaj ra hai ke tery post bohot entertaining hain :p .
    token bhacha hahaha :lol:
    oi token :p cartoon network ke retire bandar :p :lol: .. its up to u. :p :D :lol: .. start ur own blog if u want to :p :lol: .. maybe nobody want u here cuz da way u write :lol: :lol: ... just kidding bro hahaha :p :D .. ..
    :lol: ye samaj nai aya

    wasay aik baat bata alot of people mujhey keh rahein hai kay tu apnay blog bhana kyun tu bara tha mar tha hai jab bhi likh tha hai.....mein suchi *tha* mar tha hou jub mein likh tha hou?

    urdu nai ati tu english mi boldey ....angarezz :p :lol:
    alhumdulillah :D me eik dum set :D :lol: dubai mi
    life bi eik dum set :D .. i think dubai iz da best place to live :p .. :lol:
    urdu aur english mix kar re tu mazza ata hai :p :lol: you nai samjoo
    gae .. kyu ke you tu TOKEN hoo :p :lol: ..
    salam ya brother, please calm down ;) you are right in what you have said.. nothing is easy as how it seen and you did really your best. If everybody had done their best until now, the world would never be in that condition ;)
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