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  • Salam Aleikum SISTER
    how are doing, i hope this find you in the best health and EMAN allahoma Ameen
    i like to cresent and the star you have using as avatar, it is the true cresent and star for MUSLIMS all
    jazaki ALLAH kul khair, wasalam
    noo i never i jst wanted to no what you ment dear brother some people can be funny as mean it in a nasty way so i just checked :) please dont take offence :)
    :salam2: Ukhti.

    If you are thinking of "healthier way" in a negative sense. Then first i would like to say GET RID OF IT FROM YOUR MIND ..THIS IS NOT WHAT I MEANT........:SMILY335:

    Ukti...i have used "healthier" in a positive way. Healthier mean you should keep on doing your hard work in future the same way you are doing right now. You should make it a lively forum BY Participate the best you can.
    Asalamu alaykum sis just thought i would message you lool mashallah i was just passing by just thought id say HI!!
    Wa salam *!*!*!
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