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  • What do you read, fiqh?

    Ya Thariq, how do you balance between salat and school? I wonder why people dont discuss about this issue. It seems i am the only one worried about this thing.
    His books are very easy to understand. If you recommend laymen to read books, you better recommend the books of Sheikh Zeno. See this book: Islamic Creed Based on Qur'an & Sunnah
    Really? Muhammad bin Jameel Zaynoo [Zeno] is a Syrian scholar who was upon shirk. Of course he was upon shirk when he was unlearned. But was guided to Tawheed and Sunnah. He was a teacher in Daar al-Hadeeth al-Khayriyah in Makkah. I was sad when I heard he died in Oct 2010. I read his book when he was alive.

    Here's another book of his:
    No I am not alright. Not when we have fake imams. I could be a Mega Jaahil because of them. But Alhamdulillah years ago I read the book of Muhammad bin Jameel Zeno [rahimahullah] and thats how I found out what Tawheed was. Never was I taught what Tawheed was. All the good things I do will also be counted for the author of the book I read insha'Allah. [What a great ni`mah!!]

    You should visit my thread: Avoiding the Satanic 'Intellect'
    Is what Salem says regarding different sects first appearing in Iraq - true? He mentioned many known sects first appearing there.
    Jazakallah khair akhi, I actually got what he was saying but I think he's having trouble understanding me.
    i asked him if he could specify which article, but I don't think he got me.
    And what's all this about.

    Originally Posted by ابومريم
    wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu...السلام عليكم من أخطأ في صلاته أنه زاد شيء أن يسجد بعد السلام و ان نقص ان يسجد قبل السلام وكل على مدهبه ..Hello from a mistake in his prayer that something more to prostrate after the peace, and that the lack of peace and all prostrate before the Mayorbh.
    assalaamu 'alaykkum wa rahmathulllah
    Brother, i started a thread with the heading "Brave Muslim" and it had a video of a brother talking bolding in front of a masjid, to the police man. But the thread is deleted now. may i kindly know why? is he a deviant or something?
    Alright, if I find absolutely no doubt that it was a typo / mistake of that sort I will change it inshaAllaah.

    And I ask the same for any mistakes I may make.
    I believe that's also a bit off. I have all the ability to do so, but right is a different matter. I didn't want to make any changes without confirmation, since maybe I was understanding it wrong. I'm glad it was cleared up though.

    wa feek BarakAllaah
    I believe there's a slight error in this:

    As I mentioned before: it can never be the case that an authentic hadeeth contradicts the Qur'aan... and that is the miracle of this deen, that when a hadeeth is deemed authentic and then compared to the Qur'aan then it does contradict the words of Allaah. This goes to show the importance of isnaad (chains of narration)

    I'm not sure though.
    assalaamu alaykkum akhi.. how are you?
    hey akhi!! congrats on becoming greenie.. may Allah enable you to handle the added responsibitlies with ease. *vaazhthukkal*(congrats)
    Assalaamu `alaykum

    Sorry, yes what I meant was after the first tashahud. But I used the wording rising up from the second rak'ah because it was what I remembered from the hadeeth. Looking it up it says:

    Ibn ‘Umar (radiAllaahu anhu) narrated that when the Prophet :)saw2:) started his prayer, he would say “Allaahu akbar” and raise his hands, when he bowed in rukoo’ he would raise his hands, when he said “Sami’a Allaahu liman hamidah [Allaah hears those who praise Him]” he would raise his hands, and when he stood up after two Rak’ahs he would raise his hands. (Reported by al-Bukhaari, 2/222; Abu Dawood, 1/197).

    Having said that, I hadn't even thought of the point you mentioned (the third rak`ah in witr), so perhaps the better wording would be after the tashahud, but it's interesting that in this hadeeth it mentions it after the second rak`ah - وَإِذَا قَامَ مِن الرَّكْعَتَيْنِ رَفَعَ يَدَيْهِ - (though Islam-QA clarifies that it means after the first tashahud).

    Well being so, I duly return the right and leave it up to you. I have no qualms either way, it was just a passing thought.

    I did want to ask though, in retrospect, I noticed in the thread about wud'u you didn't mention the raising of the hands after rising from the second rak'a. I've heard that also authentically reported from Ibn `Umar... but perhaps there is more to it? I was just curious as to why it was left out, so if I could get more information on that I'd be grateful.

    BarakAllaahu feek

    The thread you have for 'which heart is yours???' I was wondering after a recent merge, do you think the title should be modified to reflect the actual purpose of the thread now? Because it's become like a heart softeners / reminders sort of thing and I really appreciate it, but I'm not sure the title accurately reflects that? Just a thought, I dont know.


    Just saw this in passing, but for the tags on TTI it seems only lower cases work. So you would have to lower case the "s" in :Saw2: for it to actually manifest.

    I believe you know this, just probably missed it, so thought would give a heads up.

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