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  • Assalaamu alaikum dear. how u?
    Um Ibrahim
    Um Ibrahim
    Walaykum Salaam, Sister Sabs, how are you doing? I'm doing great Jazakilaah kheyr for asking!
    :tti_sister:douaaالسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

    قال تعالى : ( ولن ترضى عنك اليهود ولا النصارى حتى تتبع ملتهم )

    آيه ربانيه....... تجمل ضمائر أعدائنا في معنى واضح
    هو مطلبهم بلا منازع..... وللأسف فبعد قرون من معاناة الرعيل الأول في سبيل رفع راية التوحيد رغما عن أنوف الجبابره ....وبعدما ملك الاسلام مشارق الأرض ومغاربها...... وبعدما كان الحق خفاقا يرهب العدو سماعه.......
    عاد الاسلام غريبا كما بدأ.........وباعه حثاله ممن شروا الدنيا بالآخره........ وأصبح رضا العدو غاية منشوده....... حتى يتسنى لهم التمتع في دنيا تفنى بمن فيها....ونسوا قوله تعالى : ( كل من عليها فان ويبقى وجه ربك ذو الجلال والإكرام )

    وبدأ المسلمين للخنوع لأوامر الاستعمار الذي زرع ثمارا من شوك في قلب الأراضي التي استعمرها.....حتى نال مبتغاه

    فبدأ من محاولات طمس الهويه الاسلاميه وترك التحاكم لشرع الله الى... تركيزهم على المرأه والنجاح بخلع الحجاب عنها ومزاحمة الرجال في كل مجال وعادت في كثير من الدول من سقط المتاع وان كانوا يطلقون عنها أنها (الحريه والمساواه)
    In the name of God the Merciful
    Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah
    Well done this is what Bnqsna better to please God and do not satisfy the people and if stepped
    Alhamdulilah sis it was greatttt...i did do much but i enjoy it
    hbu? hows everythin for u...its been awhile
    One of my dad's friend left Islam and went back to Christianity because he believed that Jesus (AS) is the son of Allaah, astaghfirullaah. But guidance is only in Allaah's hands. When I heard he left Islam, I was upset and shocked because he was kinda close to my famo, but now it's not a big thing.
    Another reason why someone may leave Islam (especially young girls/women) is because they may not get attention, and some people may have the wrong intention, as I mentioned, and when they no longer get attention, then they seek other ways of doing so.
    So, seriously don't be grieved about it. There were people who left Islam in the past, so really this is nothing new.

    Take care my sister.
    Many people are just confused altogether because unfortunately, there are many deviated groups and sects and they confuse new Muslims, as they are laymen and are still in their learning stages, they may get really confused and won't know what way is right to follow.
    Some people just don't have the right company around them. When they became Muslim they may of lost many friends and feel lonely and isolated, and they leave Islam because of this, since there is no-one to motivate them.
    Some people become Muslim and start preaching the very next day. This isn't good because the people that they are giving da'wah to may pose hard questions on them and confuse them about their own faith. The new Muslim may not have sound knowledge and may begin to doubt and leave Islam this way.
    Assalaamu 'alaykum sister.

    I read your thread and I wanted to say that don't let it upset you. People leave Islam for various reasons. Some people even enter Islam for the wrong reasons, e.g. they may like someone and become Muslim just for them and when they break-up then they leave Islam. Some people only learn about the basics, such as tawheed, the pillars of Islam, eemaan etc. and of course these make sense, a perfect way of life. But then when they start to learn more, they find out that e.g. it's not permitted for them to drink alcohol, they have to eat halaal, they can no longer freemix, they can't own a dog, can't celebrate christmas, can't listen to music etc. And so they may find it too much and maybe they were not sort of expecting to follow so much guidelines, if you know what I mean. They may feel as though it's too burdening for them and they won't be able to cope, and so they leave Islam.
    I'm great sis. :D
    The snow is MELTING here omg, so Im happy! :laughing-dancing:
    rlly? say hi to her, heeeeee!!!!!:muslim_child:
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