Eating at Iftar

um muhammad al-mahdi

لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله
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I'm very curious about this: what do u break the fast with? And what do u eat afterwards? Is there any "traditional" soup or special dish that "cannot" be missed during iftar??

I start: I used to break the fast with dried figs and water,(don't like dates), but insh'Allah this year I will make myself "to love" the dates :inshallah:

Then as soup...well, not traditional for me but for my husband: harira or shorba... :D


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salam sister
I love dates with milk

but figs with water sound interesting too:SMILY231:

I brake fast always with somth sweet .chocolate is a must for me ,too bad I know



I break my fast with the sunnah of dates and water and if I have no dates then just water, mashallah. My kids love dates, and they are filling and you will not eat too much with the main meal, you will feel full. Your stomach shrinks when you are fasting anyway. I also sometimes have some fruit such as bananas, plums, or grapes, but chocolate, cant eat that right after, too sweet for me after not eating all day.:)

um muhammad al-mahdi

لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله
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I can't chocolate either, but I guess gives you lots of energy... better try then :D


bnqɯnɥ 'ɥɐq

I like my date with water :D I will eat fruit after that and my main meal of chicken and rice. I love chocolate though after taraweeh prayer.



Umm Zubayr
Assalam aleikum,

Me too i don't really like dates, but i recently realised that it is one important sunna, so i'm going to force myself, but last year i used to drink Water, eat cakes, biscuts... and that was it i couldnt get anything else in. That's totally not healthy, i know and hope to make some changes this year bi idni-lah (by God's Leave)


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It is said that the Prophet( SAW) used رطب(rutob) it is what a half ripe date is called,& if he couldn't find any,then full ripe dates,& if he couldn't any of above mentioned,then he would resort to water..
And if you visit the prophet's mosque you'll find all this plus more..
But the catch is,not fill yourself to much,thats if you intend to pray taraweyah,believe me its an unpleasant feeling praying while you stuffed up..:)



The dates are always there during breaking fast . Besides , i often eat dates almost on any other day

sister herb

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Salaam alaykum;

also I don´t like dates - or then here in my country they quality is not very good. But I like to make little "biscuits" by dates, walnuts and grated lemon peel and salt. Easy to make. Maybe I need to send recipe to other topic later...