i cant concider myself muslim


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it took me some time to realize this but im trying so hard to be a good person
and somtimes i feel the less i know the easier it is to be a good person..but have learned too much and have yet to act on what i know...i dont pray enough i dont recall taking shahada and i have been drinking alcohol i need islam i need allah i need to get my life together but how when i been so wrong


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The confusion after reading is very real. As much as u read u are more more confused. So be it and surrender to the almighty the benefactor of all.
He will always guide u to correct path


Allah will decide
Dear Edward

Hello Edward,

The answer is very easy.....don't let the shaytan talk you out of it......

Call a Muslim brother, take shahada, make dua to Allah to guide you on the right path....let Allah help you to change the things you feel inside. Allah is the protector, ask him to protect you.

Remember, the shaytan likes to make you feel "less than" "guilty" 'not worthy," etc. If shaytan succeeds, he has won you. Don't let him win.

Call a brother now, any brother, any mosque.


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salam alikoum,
i hope allah swt will guide you to his straight path, it is a matter of belief, if you believe that you can change to the better, then you will do it i_nchae allah swt. and be sure that allah swt has never made happiness in his disobedience. we are all humanbeings, we did mistakes all the time, but personally i never felt happy by sinning and doing wrongly.
so, change your acts and allah swt will change your life to the better,
may allah help you and make it easy for you
wa salam alikoum

aisha ali

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first of all my allah help you and protect you from sheytan.i think you should seek some help from abrother or amosque and allah sw will guide you to the right path.
don't let sheytan take advantage and confuse you.i will pray for you inshalah may allah guide you to the right path.


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I think that you need to take one sincere step , if you start with sincere heart things will be different ....:salah:


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I hope brother, that you prepare yourself, then take your shahada, and change your lifestyle. remember, Allah is merciful, and you are never alone, Allah is with you, as well as all your muslim brothers and sisters.


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Allah is the one to judge a person to be a muslim or not.I don't know whether u have taken ur syahadah or not.but whatever it is ask urself...Do u believe in Allah and His Messenger?if yes,surrender to Allah.obey Him.life is much better when u know that all ur wishes &prayers are being heard.before islam i had many prayers and wished to"god",but i finally realise that i have been just talking to statues(i was a hindu).now,whenever i pray i am happy and very sure that Allah is listening to me.He knows everything.He even knows the sin's that we might commit.Yet He is always there to guide u and care for u.just imagine,ur like a toddler learning to walk.everyday ur parents without giving up,teach u how to walk and how to talk.that is what Allah does to His new servants.He will never give up on u even if u do give up on Him.Just because we don't see Allah it doesnt mean that He is not there.He is always there listening to our prayer and guiding us.

Just go one step forward to Allah and He will "run" to u.That is the greatest love that u should notloose.u are already on the right path and plz do the right thing now.Allah is waiting for u. :hearts:

do not listen to syatan.he is the known enemy and don't follow him.


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believe in Allah. Be strong bro.

Assalamualaikum dear brother

Brother edward, as what sister revert2007 had mentioned, I'm not sure whether you have taken your shahadah but I have a feeling you already had.

Brother remember, no matter how big our sin is, no matter how many bad things we've done, Allah still give us the opportunity to let us breathe, still give us all the yummy food to fill our stomachs and let our heartbeats be as it is. Subhanallah! Allah is Most Pure from all weakness and He is the Almighty.

Hence, for now at this very moment Allah wants us to revert back to Him, talk to Him, repent because of Him with taubah nasuha. Just as brother ayman1 had said.. don't hesitate don't hold back yourself from being close to Allah. He is the One Who can help us. Really only Him that we truly need.

"You alone do we worship and You alone do we turn to for help." (Surah Al-Fatihah: 4)

Aisyah. :blackhijab:


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Who do you spend your time with? I have found that our associations so often have profound influence upon actions. Find a few Muslim brothers, say the Shahadah, and ask them to help you. Spend time with people who do not drink, and do not go places where evil lurks. There is a Turkish proverb: no matter how far down the wrong road you have walked you can always turn around.

Dr. Ali Arab

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Brother Edward,

I relly thank's revert2007,ayman and assyuara for what they said for you. I think it is enough about the religious side. The thing I want to notice you about is th psychological side and it is very important to provide the religious one. You must believe that the thing you want to do you will do it if you walk on the right way and do it sincerely. when you realize that and applying it you will be in the straight phth. Other point is also important is the friends you stay,talk,go and live with you must change them to the others who help you to be in the right way.

Dear Edward,

I hope you read my message by your heart first and start to do it now and neglect any insinuation of SHYTAN who want you to hesitate and delay it.

Dear Edward,

I'm here to help you. Any thing you want to ask about you can send to me a private message or an e-mail and i'll do my best for you.

my regards,


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Assalamualaikum brother.
welcome to tti! :)

a) ditch the bad friends .
b) find the cause of your "drinking problem"
c) learn more about islam

and the more you learn about islam - the more you get away from this prison of a dunya